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  1. I use a plastic ball, go cross lane, and open up my wrist so I’m releasing the ball at the top. Goes pretty straight, so it’s just a matter of hitting my spot, which is usually over the 5th arrow.

  2. I’d love to see a video on left side spares. I see a lot of pros stand pretty left and throw it straighter at those, whereas for right side they’re as left as you guys are. Is that so they don’t have to be so closed throwing to the left? Would you recommend standing as far right for a 7 pin as you would standing left for a 10 pin?

  3. I’ve learned from these guys to throw cross-lane for the 10 & 7. Throwing flat handed with my regular ball. I now very rarely miss a corner pin. Thanks guys.

  4. Just to add to what they said…I stand 35 and target 16 but my ball is further from my ankle than these guys so that’s what works for me. If I target 23 I’m hitting the head pin square on, maybe slightly brooklyn. So it does depend on each bowlers swing and like Brad said, trial and error until you find what works for you

  5. I have been a disaster at league the past couple of weeks. I’m going to try this. Practice has been great but missing spares is keeping my scores lower than they have been in a while

  6. I’ve been getting better at making 10 pins more consistently, and I can make 7 pins a vast majority of the time if I hook at it. I’m still working on going straight at the 7 pin.

    1. I didn’t even realize people shoot 7s without hook. I always shoot with hook and the hardest part is just trusting yourself/your shot, I think. Never seems like it’ll make it all that way, to me…

      I struggle with cross-lane straight-ish 10s way more than I do hooking for 7s.

      The way I go for 7s is to move about 6-8 boards right with my feet and shoot my target. 10s, 15-20 boards left or all the way, and shoot somewhere between 3rd-4th arrow. Also, on 10s, I will tuck my index finger and exaggerate my pinky flair a bit.

  7. I entered πŸ’ͺ🏽 love watching you guys, you two helped alot with bowling and understanding how to read lanes and how to throw my ball i could never figure out lol!

  8. Thanks, great video on an important topic. I miss your little theme song introduction, maybe time for a new one. Also, can we get a Kyle update. Great to see him off the crutches. We’re all looking forward to seeing him throw shots with that killer release.

  9. When I learned to bowl in the early 1960’s, I was told to point my feet at the spare, and walk toward the spare. Can you explain your footwork when shooting the 10 pin, and do you keep your right shoulder open as you do for a strike? Do you walk toward the spare? How do you swing your arm correctly if your feet are pointing straight down the 36 board, for example? I hope you will respond to these questions. Your answers can help a lot of players. Thanks.

  10. Big change for me, besides learning how to get the ball on the lane earlier and on the left, has been changing my finger position. Moving my index finger closer to my middle finger allows me to throw straighter and not worry about over-hooking and missing spares on the right.

  11. I’m constantly hitting 9 pins when I throw leaving behind 7 or 10. Those blasted corner pins are the death of me.

  12. Opening the angle gives more miss room because you have room to miss on both sides of the pin, not just the left (10 pin) or right (7 pin).

  13. Standing on 35 and aiming at the 4th arrow for the 10 pin has been pretty good for me for decades, usually without much issue across different oil patterns. On THS, I rarely miss a 4 or 7 by hooking from the right by standing on 10 and throwing pretty much anywhere between 5 and 10 (I typically drift a little left on most of my shots), but other oil patterns get tricky for my 7 pin.

  14. I have found in many houses that if you move way left on the approach to shoot the 10 pin that it is more tacky on your slide and I see many bowlers stick on their slide and miss the 10 pin. I use the 15 board to be able to slide closer to the middle of the approach.

  15. You would be benefited by practicing the 10 pin via second arrow or to the right when you have small centers that have the wall right next to the last board on the lane. Either that or you have to learn how to kick the wall consistently before the release

  16. My son is 2 handed and flatten outs his hand and uses urethane to get his spares. He practiced by using a 500 pad on his least used reactive ball to get spares 1st then moved to urethane. He does so he gets to use his urethane ball as one of his 5 for junior gold.

  17. Picked up a plastic ball a month ago and it’s taken a bit for me to get used to, but I feel much more comfortable at 10 pins. 56 yo, 14-15 mph, 350ish rev. I find I don’t have to change my release much which has always been an issue for me to be consistent. Good stuff, keep it up πŸ‘

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