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  1. I injoy watching you both bowling , and I should be bowling better then Avery body on my league but I’m not. No one hooks it like me. I have a great form, but having problems

  2. Great demonstration! I’m glad you didn’t switch balls, most league bowlers don’t have the luxury you guys do.
    I’d like to see more of this stuff, but more challenging adjustments. A video where y’all end up lost on the lanes, making adjustments and nothing’s working, that kind of thing.
    This video seemed like a very simple adjustment – slow ball speed, move right a bit – but sometimes these kind of decisions don’t have as predictable results as we see in your video.

    It’s a great concept, I hope you do more videos like this!

  3. I love my old storm exfactor but it don’t hook as much as it use to , but I use to be good with it , and bowled way better with it.

  4. @19:20 Brad, it happens to the best of us. I usually think my thoughts are coming in faster than my mouth is able to form the words. Excellent video Gentlemen.

  5. 6:10 – 7:00 I think you guys used some poor phrasing in this discussion. Properly executing the shot you’re trying to make should feel the sane anywhere. The results of that shot will vary depending on what center you’re in, which lane you’re on, the oil pattern used, and how much it has been played on to that point and with what. Previous to this discussion, Brad had a good point about not immediately adjusting based off a poorly executed shot, which is something that anyone with any appreciable experience will know instantly.

  6. Amazing video. I have a Question. If you don’t know the pattern, how do you know de distance where the ball brakes down? Where the brake point is?

    1. by watching the ball. varying the speed. if your ball is hooking early, throw it a little faster, the oil is short. Ball not hooking til late? Roll it slower. Or move to the dry a little more. Same with moving into the oil if you’re breaking too hard and coming up High. Move your shot more to the wet ( middle.)

      then you can get into changing a ball. I use one ball and make adjustments. maybe that’s why I have a 180 and not a 200 average. some days my ball just isn’t gonna work right on different conditions. Different ball would allow my shot and line to work better. Bowling balls aren’t cheap. Too many other hobbies. One new ball a year. usually worn out by the end.

  7. My spare game has gotten better, but Iโ€™ve been having trouble stringing strikes, and I think part of the problem is sometimes missing my mark as well as releasing the ball inconsistently. Do I need to rotate my hand around the ball to get more hook, or is it only a matter of getting my thumb out sooner and lifting with the fingers? If I get the ball over 1st arrow or board 6 or 7, it will hook a little more (sometimes it goes high), and other times I miss right (or left and it goes almost straight at the pocket). Canโ€™t seem to get my ball speed over 13 mph, but on the other hand, I remember something Brad said, something about slowing down the ball speed and even at 7 or 8 mph, the ball can still strike, but I have to rely on being so accurate and hitting just the right mark.

    1. I would just focus on releasing the ball the same way EVERYTIME. If you’re bowling on house shot, you can score by being consistent and accurate. Ideally, you don’t want to come around the ball to get more hook. You want the hook to come from clearing the thumb first. Coming around the ball will make it more “volatile.” It saves energy so just “jumps” once it sees friction. Although it may look cool, it is rarely a way to repeatable success.

  8. Amazing demonstration! This really helps me break it down and then in your previous video on 3 spaces where you throw in the lane. I’m always going to start further left I generate a little more hook with two hands. But now I get what the transition entails , the hand placement and ball speed. Thank you for this!

  9. Mark 23:03 spoke to my SOUL!! Lol I feel like the lanes always play tighter on day 2 and I’m still ripping it smh…Thank you guys for this ๐Ÿ‘

  10. Love the longer format guys. Great information and demonstration. I know you canโ€™t do it all the time but more of this.

  11. seeing a 28 minute brad and kyle video made me so happy, keep up the great work guys, yall made me fall in love with bowling this year

  12. Awesome video! I haven’t been bowling too long and this video is something i really needed!! Keep up the great videos. With all bowling channels now you guys are definitely some of the best.

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