20 Comments on “Bowling USA Trials and I LOST MY SCORESHEET”

  1. Is this still called โ€œBrad & Kyleโ€ or is it โ€œBrad & Kyle – Separatedโ€โ€ฆlol.

  2. This happens one of our SASBA team tournaments recently, turns out, one of the lane attendants was cleaning up a bit early and tossed the completed score sheet in the trash. Luckily, it was found.

  3. I bowl Gold Coast Monday. When you guys are finished I will be curious as to what they give us. It has been Helium. That would be fine if
    they clean the lanes before putting down the pattern.

  4. If your missing the head pin that farrrrr right how come you havenโ€™t moved your feet to the right a few boards??? Just wondering your the pro!!

  5. Looked tough to read and adjust. Keep grinding! This shows that everyone can’t bust em at every event. You even took the bad breaks with a grain of salt

  6. There is the Kyle Sherman approach and release I love! Man the hand at the end shaking hands with the pins across the body. It looks so smooth.

    Glad to see you back!!!

    Thank you!!!!

  7. About Andrews move to Motiv, their Facebook page made a post that a lot of his earlier success was with motiv, and he actually shot his first 300 with a ball from their company. It was surprising to hear at first because he had a really good season with radical balls and the other brands of Brunswick. With that it seems like a logical move on his part.

  8. Is there an official store to get bowling pants that stretch ? Seems like everyone is wearing some sort of dockers.

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