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  1. When you see that 5 pin stand up, it usually sums up your day and it’s usually not good. Use it as motivation

  2. Kyle, while I’m sure it’s tough to post a video of you struggling, it’s incredibly helpful to see a top touring professional having a bad day. Thank you!

  3. Ik the feeling when it comes to struggle but it shows more calm and dedication to get better. Keep it up Sherman

  4. I just had a bad league day, watching your video made my day slightly knowing even the best also have their off days~ looking forward to more contents the rest of the year! From Singapore~

  5. A video of a pro struggling gives me hope that I can continue to improve and someday say hey I bowled a 180 plus and it was a bad day. Ty for sharing ur struggling days. You will be on next time.

  6. Highs and lows Kyle, all part of bowling and the grind. Keep focused because it’s tour time and on the road with Brad!

  7. Love the content and seeing how things go for you guys, good or bad. Its awesome to see how the pros deal with adversity and you carry yourself really well even when things don’t pan out as planned. On a random note, I noticed random specs on the camera while you filmed outside. I worked on dslr cameras for a few years and did a ton of sensor cleanings, that dust on the sensor or lens can most likely be easily cleaned up if you wanted to get those specs cleared out. For video its not to big of an issue but for still photos I feel like it can ruin an image.

  8. Kyle, your handling of a rough day on the lanes is truly admirable! πŸ‘ We’re looking forward to more of those funny ‘House’ videos! More ‘Ice Bath Challenge’, please! Prather is the ULTIMATE ‘straight man’ of the group. You guys are a HOOT! 🀣

  9. Kyle, keep on rolling that ball. It will eventually work in your favor. On another note, Darren’s video make’s you look like the strike king. Two different perspectives on the same subject. Hold your head up and knock em down in your next tourney.

  10. Loved the “5 bagger for 189…..how’s your day going?” part. So many times we’ve all been there. You’ll get em next time πŸ‘

  11. β€œLet’s see what I brought with me to this tournament. Haven’t thrown that one, thrown one shot with that. Those two have less than a game on them. Just drilled that.” -Kyle πŸ˜‚

  12. Tough week, but a great ending to the video! Not much else you can do besides use this past week as a learning experience and to keep working hard. Thanks for posting your videos and best of luck to you guys in 2022!

  13. Nice bowling despite the outcome Kyle. I had a bad night in league last night, and I admire the way you stay calm after feeling like you didn’t bowl your best. I tried to stay positive but it wasn’t happening last night. Best of luck to you and Brad on the tour this year. πŸ˜‰

  14. Head up Kyle.. this is your year to make noise and bring back some hardware! Got to sit in on a FB live vid with Brad last night, how awesome that was to fire questions to a PBA pro. This year the House is going to dominate the tour!

  15. I was really cheering for you Kyle, although you didn’t make it I know you’ll still do good in this upcoming season. Looking forward to this year for you bro.

  16. Great content overall! Kyle, your swing and timing reminds me of a scaled down version of Robert Smith – it’s awesome. I notice some inconsistencies with your release and it appears more apparent as you move inside. I’m not sure if it’s the result of how you’re hitting the line or other (side profile videos would be more revealing). Reducing the amount of moving parts there may have some benefit moving forward.

  17. It was fun talking to you this past week through qualifying, don’t beat yourself up we all know you are one of the best out there πŸ‘πŸ½

  18. Hey Kyle, you was there and was trying πŸ‘Š There are three titles this year with your name on em bc you was at trials learning those particular patterns πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž

  19. Man, I feel for you. But you’ll be back in the winners circle in no time.
    You have one of the best looking games I’ve seen… Good luck! (and keep smiling!)

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