20 Comments on “Bowling With The Best PBA Fans”

  1. I love the Pro-Am videos! They always have so much fun and seeing excited bowlers. You do look like Krillin from DBZ somewhat lol

    Joe Burrow spent his first 4 years at Ohio State as a backup QB. Got his degree and then transferred to LSU and won a national title.

  2. Grew up bowling the pro am at woodland and loved the experience every time hopefully I can make it up to watch a day this week

  3. The best thing about bowling is getting the opportunity to bowl with the pros. Love it when Brad and Kyle ask fans who their favorite pro bowler is and they say it’s Brad or Kyle. Also Brad, I was rooting for the KC Chiefs for you last night.

  4. I think this would be one of the mot rewarding parts of being a pba pro, good stuff, let’s gooo Brad and Kyle and the house, have a successful week 😆

  5. Amazing watching you guys bowl and yes happy the bengals finally winning playoff games and how going to the superbowl! Been a bengals fan for a long time and it’s just insane how far they have come just like this channel and how huge you guys and bowling is now.

  6. Brad, absolute power move reading all the comments lol. Anyone willing to wade through all that toxicity is a god damn legend in my book. Good luck this week, boys!

  7. I can’t really say I was cheering for the chiefs bc I’m a broncos fan but I love the way you guys interact with kids the pba is full of really good people and bowlers which is really great to see

  8. Sorry about the Chiefs Brad, they´ll be back! Also congrats to the only Rams fan left in Saint Louis apparently. Kyle really should head out west since it seems they need all the fans they can get in that shiny new stadium. All love from Sweden! 😊

  9. Good luck to both Brad and Kyle this week. I am taking my laptop to the nursing home on Saturday just so my dad can watch the finals there… He loved bowling in league for many years..

  10. You guys are awesome! Awesome for the content and helping giving exposure to bowling and the juniors too. Great job!

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