20 Comments on “Bowling with the World’s Lightest Bowling Ball (2 LBS) with PBA Champion Marshall Kent”

  1. pins weighs around 3.5 lbs. I’ve had 5 strikes in a row with a 6lb ball. the guy I was bowling got 6 strikes in a raw with the same 6lb ball drilled to my hand not his hand

  2. As a kid in the early 70s, I got my first ball. It was an 8 pound Brunswick Black Beauty. Because it was so light, it would not return after the first shot. So, I had to use a heavier house ball on the spare shot. The house ball would then return, while pushing my 8 pound ball back to me… True story. 😊

  3. Not that I know anything, but why wouldn’t you start far to the right with the ball? Probably wouldn’t have made much difference. They should make everyone use a two pound ball next year for the Chris Paul invitational. 😊

  4. Weight definitely matters for the ‘feel’.

    It must have felt to him, like he was throwing air down the lane. LOL

  5. Hi guys, quick suggestion.

    You could do a series with this.

    Inviting different pros to throw 2lb and keep track of score.

    Something like what top gear does with celebrities racing times.

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