20 Comments on “Bowling’s Best Get Ready for Last PBA Major”

    1. I carry a pumice stone for my left big toe and my thumb. They owe Norm for “guest star” appearances. Lol

  1. Awesome meeting Brad and Kyle, go get number 2.5 Kyle. Since you said it on tv it counts, I know Brad thought that was funny. Good luck and smash pins this week!

  2. So much fun watching these pro tour travelogues. Never really had anything like this for bowling before. Keep it up and good luck!

  3. Miss the days of walking in and just having to figure it all out on your own without all the print outs of every single angle and oil pattern.

  4. I love how relatable you guys make the pro tour. I love how all the bowlers that make it into the vlog seem like really cool dudes. I honestly think what you guys are doing for bowling is going to be what people point to in the future and say “That’s what happened to start things really taking off.” Well done!

    1. This is absolutely it… These channels, really started by Brad and Kyle, and the creation of the house, has brought bowling to us in a whole new way… It’s brought us a brand new look at the sport, and has really ushered in a new generation of bowlers…. They should. Be super proud

  5. Bowl well, B&K! For a moment, I thought G^2 blew you guys off, but after replaying I noted the earbuds. Good luck to all!

  6. 9:55 regarding the testing. I saw Belmo posted on facebook that they refused to allow him to see his balls being tested, which is suspect. He refused to allow them to be tested. I believe you should have the right to see how your equipment is handled at all times. I have bowled Nats quite a few times and I watch each ball being measured and weighed so that nothing suspect happens to them. Why would they not allow you to see your personal stuff being handled?

  7. Brad we are all rooting for you, you definitely can make it to the playoffs. need at least 800 more points than Jake Peters, Nick, Daugherty and Maldo.

  8. I think I just missed out meeting yall in Vegas. I flew out here on Sunday for nationals, and wasn’t able to bowl the Bowler’s Journal at South Point unfortunately. I heard from a few of my teammates who flew out earlier that yiu guys were grouped up there. Good luck at the masters yall, I enjoy the content you guys post!

  9. Thank you Brad And Kyle For making Bowling Interesting again for our young generation…I hope all you guys make it 👌🎳🔥

  10. Welcome to town! I’m going to try to come down to watch on Thursday. In the meantime, I love these daily vlogs. You guys rock!

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