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  1. You ask me the 37’ flat pattern is what should be on the TV show… I’d love to watch match after match where you have to grind out 190 or 200 to win

    1. @Rick Broerman this is the problem the PBA has. To make it competitive, the pattern needs to be flat. To make it entertaining for your average viewer, the pattern has to be wall of China.

    2. Agreed, nothing more boring than every pro simply just using urethane for the tv finals. This pattern allows bowlers to try different things.

    3. Watching strike-fests for a title is very boring when it comes to the US Open.. You wanna see them grind it out

  2. 3:40: One of two women who made the field from pre qualifying, Maria Jose Rodriguez from Colombia. The other is a 17 year old phenom from Ohio, Jillian Martin, who won a WPBA National event last year.

  3. Loved this video! Good luck in the tournament! I’ll be watching you guys progress though it! Thanks for the video!

  4. As Brad said, this was am much tougher pattern. The scores went way down. After round 2, the tournament leader was 243 over which is a 215 average for 16 games. The first round leader ( different bowler) was 210 over, a 226 average for 8 games. After round two, Brad is 48th at -29. He was -119 for the block of 8 games. Kyle is -170, -144 for the block. The cut line at number 36 is +11, so Brad is 40 pins out and has a shot.

    Last year, the USBC threw out the easiest pattern in round three and the scores went way up, so that guys back in the pack made huge runs and made the cut. I don’t know the pattern for tomorrow, but if that happens, Brad has a chance, as do many others.

  5. Good Luck to you guys. Nice to see BJ hanging out. I used to bowl at one of his home lanes in Pittsburgh. Super nice guy.

  6. Jackson Michigan!
    Cool, I’ll be bowling in a local Michigan tournament this coming Sunday with a teammate of mine for Doubles/Singles! I hope we do well. We didnt do too well this past tuesday on our league! 🙁

  7. Question for you guys for this pattern wouldn’t a weaker drilled ball work something like a tropical surge or electrify solid. Surprised plastic wasn’t more in play

  8. Hey Brad and Kyle your bowling accomplishments are incredible. But, I was wondering if you guys could post more tutorials. If you have time though because I understand you have a lot of bowling tournaments right now. GO BRAD AND KYLE!!

  9. I say they need have specific covers for tournaments where it’s only urethane only reactive resin, or reactive pearl. Would love to see how much of a crutch urethane is for players

  10. And this is why your vlog is a must watch. We see behind the scenes of what professional bowling really is about!

  11. Tournaments like these are so interesting to me. Because imagine if there is more sub 2 to 1 patterns and pros are ballin out trying to knock out a 200. Imagine what it is like when they get back to a 2-1, 3-1 or even 4-1. That’s probably why there’s been more 300 games on tv lately, because of these hard patterns are making bowlers better, despite what scores might show

  12. Was the US Open format always like this, with different patterns each day? I’d wonder what the tournament would look like if it were the old 41’ flat pattern for all of qualifying and match play, because I feel like that’d really put the best shotmakers on top.

  13. Great block Kyle!!! Saw you throwing bullets at the headpin last night just to stay clean. -170 to +113 in one squad is amazing. Congrats and good luck the rest of the way.

  14. Kyle, it was so brutal to watch you for two days I cannot imagine what it felt like for you. Then, as exciting as anything I’ve seen, today was, well, UNBELIEVABLE! Awesome, congratulations, keep it going!

    If you’re still in the center, tell Kris. “You have no idea how good you are!”

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