Brad and Kyle Podcast # 13 – Mike Flanagan

Mike Flanagan is a successful entrepreneur in the bowling industry. Starting brands like Insidebowling and Backstage Bowling.

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14 Comments on “Brad and Kyle Podcast # 13 – Mike Flanagan”

  1. Larry has always been an amazing person to talk with, I live in Cape Girardeau south of St Louis and go up there with a group from cape for tournaments and it has always been a good time for me because of how much work Larry puts into these events.

  2. Kyle, Watch your mic levels and proximity. You have been consistently peaking the meters. Put it (the mic position) either up or down so it catches your voice away from the breath stream. It’s just too hot and sounds lousy compared to the other levels. Not just this episode either.

    1. I was just going to comment on that. His mic is staticky or maybe just louder than the others. Just not clear and takes away the enjoyment a bit. Otherwise I am enjoying the video.

    2. Just in case you think I am being too harsh.. I actually want to hear what you have to say. I just want the sound to be top quality for you.

  3. This is the Brad & Kyle channel. If Brad is going out bowling, you could be his wingman/coach and help him make better decisions, like using urethane if needed.

  4. Depending on the tension of the strings you either can’t get a ten out, or all you have to do is tickle the headpin and they all fall. Racks are as bad as the racks everywhere. You can make the carry really good if the strings are loose or make the carry very bad if the strings are very tight.

  5. Bowlero has 80% market share? That sucks!!!! EVERY center here in AZ owned by Bowler is dirty, nasty, filthy. Maintenance is an afterthought. I feel like I need a tetanus shot when I leave one.

  6. So is Brad really bowling all the summer events? Wish I had more experience with cameras cause I would be willing to do some filming for the vlog in Chesapeake, lol.

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