22 Comments on “Brad and Kyle Practice in Texas! | PBA Lubbock Open”

  1. Brad, good perspective on being thankful for the blessings in our life even when things are not going as we would hope.

  2. Brad I saw the vid of step ladder championship. I know you didn’t win, but that was so impressive that you went through that gaulet to get to the finals. Good luck today. Your in my hometown.

  3. That advice works well for us old guys out there rolling in league… we struggle with bad nights and get really down because it is supposed to be β€˜an easy house shot’

  4. When you go see the guys bowl twice in one season what is that called? I’m definitely a fan. Good luck and high scores!

  5. Let’s go Brad! Kyle just got his 1st single’s title and now it’s YOUR TURN! Also, do you guys sell hats?

  6. Dang, I had planned to be down there this weekend with some of my team from league to cheer you guys on. (from OKC) .. but things came up for everyone. Hope to see you guys in Shawnee this year!!

  7. Love you guys. I’m here since all of this started with the house and stuff. The last weeks have been crazy. Would love to hang out or give local support to you but that will never happen based on my location. Brad I love how you are more chill now since all the hard work has paid of,f even if it is not for your own title yet, you see the bigger picture of it all and how your afford has changed things for everyone in the community!! Thats worth more than any single title!! I myself will most likely never win a title, but with the chance to learn from all of your stuff here I’m now also finally able to call myself a Bowler without hesitation.

  8. Kyle: “the scores should be high”
    *proceeds to go +300 in qualifying*

    Keep it up that’s gold

  9. I just wanna say I think you both are Hall of Fame bound. For starting the YouTube bowling vlogs and revitalizing the game. That’s if you both don’t make it on your bowling merits alone, which of course you will!

  10. Any chance you guys can do a video where you explain the drilling process? What you look for, what you’re trying to achieve, pin up/pin down etc? Just a behind the scenes and the whole process of what each component accomplishes? For us that don’t have the luxury of a new ball every week. Love the content, keep it up!

    1. Yes! I would love this too! Just a layout/drill video explaining all the different layouts and PAP and pin up vs. pin down and radius of gyration and all that nerdy stuff!!

  11. The boys are in top 5 after first round with Kyle leading averaging 250 with a 190 game. Lets rooooooooooooock

  12. The boys are dominating! Kyle leading, threw 289 in game 10. Brad right on his heels in third! Packy in the hunt as well at #11.
    Let’s Goooooo!

  13. I wish I would’ve had these vlogs as a young kid to watch from the pro tour. Keep doing what you guys are doing. These videos are reaching the youth and they will never forget the personalities and assistance you gave them.

  14. You guys absolutely crushed it today. hoping the both of you can make it to step ladder tommrow. could definitely have a brad vs kyle rematch for a title.

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