23 Comments on “Brad and Kyle React to Their First PBA Show”

  1. Congrats to both of you! So looking forward to you guys battling each other for B&K supremacy!

    Clean shaven Kyle. How old were you guys? LOL

    Absolutely love the reaction video! I want to see Brad’s reaction to when he ran through EJ and Simo on the way to getting beat by Belmo. That was a murderers row of bowlers to get through! It was the Chameleon I think it was?

    1. That was one of my favorite telecasts. Brad showed so much determination to figure out that pattern. He just ran into Belmo that day, but he totally deserved to win the title!

  2. Suweeet!! Just watched Packy’s upload…so close!! About had a “full house” for the show!! Just got home myself from practicing switching to 2-handed… sore and tired.. 2 straight hours of drills but managed to get my “flow” down and started busting out 200+ games my last 30mins on the timer. Feels better and mo powah!!

  3. The look of dissatisfaction on brad’s face as kyle was hanging himself with his shirt is priceless! lol

  4. What Brad is saying about the legs is something I witness with my bowling as well. If I get nervous the legs stop doing what you want them to do..its a terrible feeling ^^

    1. Thats called “shitting the bed”. Lol. πŸ™‚ Lots of pressure on these young guys. Just to make it there was a great accomplishment and learning experience. Plus they had Rash, who obviously has all the tv/pressure experience in the world. Believe me, Rashs embarrassing fails and or bullshit moments WAY override blowing by a 4 pin. Just remember that….lol. In life, you keep score by counting scars……you dont see a great, hof competitor in any sport who doesn’t have a host of ugly scars to help tell his tale. Grind on…

  5. I liked the reaction video. I like how you describe what you were thinking and feeling at the time. Best of luck to both of you. One you, run the ladder!

  6. Love the reaction videos! Would love to see you react to some of your other show appearances or maybe some highlight videos of some of the greats.

  7. That was great hearing from your perspective, wish outcome was different but this made you better bowlers. Please do more! Of course that means you’re in the step ladder every week πŸ™

  8. More reaction videos please. That was a lot of fun to watch. Good luck this weekend and bowl well. Keep your pinky toe down, attitude up and strike, strike, strike!!! Now one of you two go win this thing!

  9. This was great. Can’t wait to see the reaction video after one of you wins this weekend. Best of luck to you both!!

  10. I love this video…great content and yalls perspective is just amazing because its about the mental game. You guys are going through it and I know as a fan and a bowler…I am taking notes LOL. I want yall to do this after the show over the weekend!

  11. I like these reaction videos. The backstory behind the shows and matches is awesome to hear. They dont even have to be just your matches i guess. More in the future<3

  12. Love the reaction videos. I like the insight and even if it’s a show you weren’t in it’d be fun to hear your strategy if someone is struggling

  13. That was awesome, dudes! It gives people an idea of what you guys were thinking and feeling as you were going through the match. Keep ’em coming! I LOVED the the Ice Bath Challenge, and the one where Brad was sweet talking the lane machine! I know that one was inspired by Duke, but that was STILL ‘too much’!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Anything you guys in ‘The House’ can come up with to keep the game, or what you guys do while on (or even off) the tour, informational, inspirational, or entertaining is definitely welcome! πŸ‘

  14. Glad to see you hanging out and making videos together again. And tbh, I never thought your performance on this show was bad. A few bad shots here and there but still way better than average for first time TV.

  15. Dudes, loved the reaction. Can’t wait to see your next TV appearance. You are both winners! Just someone has to lose. Remember Tiger Woods would say he failed a lot to get better. That’s it! Personally, I bowl, golf, tournament water ski and fly airplanes while owning/running a company. There is always a challenge! I enjoy all your motivation and spirit of your talent. Your focus is inspiring! Reach out if you make it through Peoria IL. Would love a lesson or two…dinner on us!

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