23 Comments on “Brad and Kyle Trick Shot Challenge!”

  1. After watching you all for a few years now…..I want to be a pro bowler just to hang out with the gang. Fun Times!!!!! Thanks Brad, Kyle and the House.

  2. Seeing you guys at Rivera was a huge surprise this afternoon! I felt like a little kid seeing stars again! We were next to you on 11.

  3. This was the most entertaining Brad and Kyle video so far this year! I was trying so hard not to laugh at the beginning when you mentioned what the loser would have to do (couldn’t help but laugh anyway, lol). I rarely get on Tiktok (Brad I know you mentioned it to me last year, but it’s a no-go for me, so I’ll stick to posting vids on YT, lol). Would I still be able to see Brad and Kyle vids on Tiktok even if I don’t have a Tiktok account?

  4. Been watching you guys for a few years now,my son bowls on his highschool team,we live 20 minutes from Riviera,he has the USBC Pepsi challenge there in a few weeks,good luck this week.

  5. That was fantastic! What a great idea. I can’t wait to try some of these. I’m 58 so I’ll pass on the 180 shot, but the others were awesome!!! More of these please and include more PBA superstars. You guys need to burn off steam and have fun. Side action is always fun! Brackets, side pots? Fan duel?

  6. Thanks to all your guys help I averaged 188 today over 7 games from only averaging 130 in the beginning of November, thanks for all the tips you’ve put out and I always enjoy the more fun videos you put out like Today!

  7. Love the tip videos and your tournament videos, but the ones where you guys are just having fun and enjoying bowling together are a blast to watch.

  8. Been watching you for a while now and you lot have been a inspiration for me.
    On friday I shot my new PB of 289, got a unlucky pocket 10 pin on the 11th shot, will get that 300 one day πŸ˜€

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