23 Comments on “Brad Bowls Against Kyle In His PBA Return”

  1. So glad to hear Kyle is finally going to be bowling! He’s been through so much and I hope he comes out and tear up the tour! That house is huge! Very nice!

  2. Glad to see Kyle is back bowling, good luck to you guys. The bowling balls u guys were throwing look really good.

  3. Glad to see Kyle back bowling! As someone whose bowled league and tournaments at northrock for years, yeah the pair to pair can be rough sometimes! Personally I feel like I score better at the high end of the house

  4. I am looking forward to seeing you guys in Wauwatosa again if I remember correctly I saw Kyle toss a 300 there.

  5. You guys are awesome, love the content and really looking forward to Kyle being healthy and back to 100%. Keep up the great work

  6. Brad rapping Kendrick is a moment in life that we all needed lol πŸ˜‚ always great bowling though πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’―

  7. Kyle’s back on the grind! Yay!! πŸ‘ By the way, boys, that strange looking bowl on the left in the ‘lav’ is a bidet. What’s it for, you ask? For those that don’t like TP for the bunghole, but don’t tell Beavis that, or he’ll sic Cornholio on you! 🀣 Bowl good this week! πŸ‘

  8. Great to see Kyle back. Appreciate what you do for bowling. I have a question. What has happened to tournament coverage on TV? I was all set to start watching to find out you have to watch on an app? Very disappointing.

  9. Bowled 200 today and I’v just got back into bowling with my first “fitted Ball” a. Your channel and videos have helped a lot! Thank you guys! This is a fun.

  10. I really enjoyed this video. The house tour in the end was great. I wish you guys all the luck on this tournament.

  11. Finally….”THE DNA” I want this ball so bad. Just coming back to bowling after 17 years away. Joined a league halfway through the season. Using 20 yr old balls. But still rocking it. 187avg and climbing.

  12. After seeing that many balls in the arsenal… would love to hear how you’d do an amateur arsenal of 3 or 5 balls (spare not included)…


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