21 Comments on “Brad Bowls Blindfolded! | Random Trick Shot Challenge”

  1. Do a Lou Campi challenge. Lou Campi was a right-handed bowler in the 40s and 50s who stopped on his right foot and used his left leg for balance when he released the ball. They called him “Wrong Foot” Lou. Plenty of videos of him on YouTube.

  2. I liked that blind folded Brooklyn strike Brad. Hey tried the cereal that’s pretty darn good stuff.

  3. This was fun 😀 Maybe an idea for another challenge is to try and hit a single pin, then only two pins, then only three pins, etc

  4. Congrats on the PBA League Draft! I’m looking forward to having Brad with my Motown Muscle.

  5. My parents were buying stuff from Hello Fresh for a while and it was good. Very entertaining content, guys. These trick shots had me rotflol! 😄 love what you guys do. You’re the best. Brad, someday I’d like to go on a date with you. ❤️

  6. I want to see a challenge you two completing in VR bowling (for example on Quest 2 there is Premium Bowling)

  7. That blindfold shot from Brad made me nervous. It read the lane so early I thought it would get the 7 pin or left gutter.

  8. Another beautiful commercial. And you make it. This is great content. Is that cue stick still balanced?

  9. Lowest score challenge, guys. Have to hit at least one pin on each shot. I believe if you miss all entirely on first shot, count a strike. Miss on the second shot, count it a spare. The equivalent of the 300, see who gets closest to that perfect 20! 🙂 Congrsts on the PBA League to both of you!! Lookin foreward to the telecasts!

  10. I’m a big advocate for the backup ball. When the right side gets awful in league I try the left side and when I get tired of that I try the right again.
    Plus, backup balls can give you advantageous angles on several spares and splits that plague right handers.

  11. Just talked with Kyle this Saturday in Springfield, MO awesome guy and easy to talk to keep up the work guys

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