20 Comments on “Brad bowls PERFECT at the PBA League”

  1. Brad u bowled tremendous. Plus when u screamed like a eagle when u tripped the 4, that was awesome. I’m sry Kyle had a injury before it began. Get well soon Kyle

  2. I couldn’t imagine bowling with that kind of energy from the crowd. Must be an amazing feeling

  3. This reminds me of how the College bowling events were like.. loud and so much energy.. love it..

  4. I don’t remember if it’s been mentioned before, but I absolutely love that Brad F#$K@N Miller is Norm Duke’s understudy. Now that Norm has officially announced his retirement, there could be a seamless transition. They even look alike… like the Darrens of Bewitched (look it up).
    Although I hate to see Norm go, I forsee good things on the horizon for you Brad!

  5. Brad, you killed during league! Probably shouldn’t have been watching while I was in league- cause I sucked lol Excited to see what’s next for you. 😃
    Get well soon, Kyle🙁

  6. You guys bowled so good man! Awesome job! I love everyone on tour but was rooting for Motown. This event is so fun to watch! Get well soon Kyle!

  7. Watched both nights, and qualifying on youtube, you guys do a fantastic job with the behind the scenes stuff. Brad was killing it! Great to see the House representing on all the teams too.

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