22 Comments on “Brad Bowls Roll Off For $10,000”

  1. Brad Freaking Miller, great bowling and showing. Was rooting for you the whole time. Great job

  2. Congratulations Brad I was routing for you. Also was hoping norm would win since you lost. Still was great bowling Brad keep it up.

  3. Brad you had a few tough breaks but kept fighting back. Was great to see you on fox man!

  4. You bowled awesome Brad, 3rd place at the Masters is totally fine. Bad breaks on TV but it’s okay, your time is comin!

  5. Great job, Brad! I’m honestly almost weeping because I sincerely can’t imagine the pressure to make EVERY FLIPPING SHOT COUNT! Not just in the stepladder, but qualifying! What a wonderful journey you guys have taken us on: Kyle gets his first singles win and you make the show for the FREAKING MASTERS! You two have brought innumerable fans to bowling and I am thankful to you both, as it is my first love when it comes to sports. Continue working and striving for greatness!

  6. Congrats Brad!! That was a nervous roll off to watch. I was hoping the Nova was going to make an appearance.

  7. Keep grinding guys! As far as winning goes, the wins will come for ya. My dad always told me, if you can do it once, you can do it twice. And if you can do it twice you can do it three times and it becomes a habit.

  8. Congrats on your great finish!!!! πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯ You and Kyle have both got me back interested in bowling again after a 10 year break … it was a struggle relearning how to bowl again in my first winter league but looks like I should finish with even 200… Love seeing all the new and old school bowlers on your channel DUKE!!!!! Will be missed if he does retire…. Thanks for everything you both do…. ✌️

  9. Great bowling Brad. I was rooting for you and Norm all the way, that oil pattern looked brutal. Will be watching you and Kyle in the playoffs.

  10. Congratulations Brad in making it that far! Always tell yourself, “You Belong There!”. Your time is coming, your game is improving, and you’re there!

  11. Brad, proud of you man. I was so excited to see one of my “virtual” coaches bowling on TV and doing so well at a big tournament. Great job

  12. Congrats Brad for making the telecast! Saw it live! That roll off was the universe saying you deserve to be here and advance! Chalk it up as a learning experience to make your next show even better πŸ‘

  13. Great job Brad! I was pulling for you and Duke! I’ve learned a ton this year from you and Kyle. As a newer subscriber I can say this has been great and I can pass what I’ve learned to my kids and the other youth bowlers I help throughout their seasons

  14. Brad, you did a great job on the show. I know there will be many more opportunities for you in the future.

  15. Great job Brad, watched and was rooting for you the whole time. Huge accomplishment even getting that far my man. Well done and congrats.

  16. Congratulations Brad on a wonderful run at the masters. Would’ve loved to see you and Norm in the title match.
    I do have 1 question. Did the red oil change how the lanes played compared to qualifying? Just curious as why the Nova wasn’t ball of choice for the show. Thanks

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