28 Comments on “Brad Found The Perfect Ball For The 2023 US Open!”

  1. Brad proves once again that he has what it takes to win his first PBA tour title. I have faith in you, Brad!

    1. @Oznerol L haven’t been able to get a practice session in lately. Been busy, but I came down with a cold a few days ago, so slowly getting over that. Bowling 2 nights a week in league, as opposed to just one night.

  2. I stopped bowling for 9 years after high school, but you guys have brought me right back into it. I almost forgot how much fun this sport is, so thank you for that.

  3. Love the vlog. Video quality was outstanding. Did you beef up the camera? I know it takes a lot of work to edit these things down but it was great. Love seeing all the other players chime in, although Packy always makes that stupid face, he should stop. Nova looked great on that long pattern. Best of luck, hope you flush every shot.

  4. Talk about hard and insane. Hats off to all the pros out there busting their bits and for putting in the work for a living. I always wish I could just practice on these hard Pba shots along with Kegel challenge patterns. That’s the only way to get better, to bowl on tougher shots and be able to adapt. That’s what makes bowling fun and interesting. It’s about knowing the lanes “topography of the lanes, oil patterns and your equipment”. I admit I’m sometimes not too good at adapting on time and making the right ball choices at the right time. I just love the game but am not trying to become pro by all means lol.

  5. I wanna see Mitch hupe win this year.. and of course you as well brad.. always like rooting for kris but he wins all the time lol

  6. NOVA BALL GOOD! So happy to see Brad not forget about it with all that pressure to play new stuff. Still my favorite storm ball ever.

  7. Brad out of all bowlers I have for years , I love the way you bowl , I know if I had some good as you I will get much better in a long time .

  8. I love tournament action and behind the scenes. Looking forward to bowling season. Good luck to Brad& Kyle my favorite bowlers.

  9. I might throw that 49 foot on my machine and run it tomorrow. Curious how to play it. I was thinking roll slower speeds with my pearl and let it all happen snappy at the end. Going to have to zoom in on the pattern info so I can put it in the Ikon….I didn’t see the 2023 US Open on the Kegel site yet.

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