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  1. I’m not sure if it was mentioned in a video a while ago but is Kyle going to be ready to bowl next PBA tour season after his surgery

  2. Is Kyle fully recovered from his injury, or is he still doing rehab? I hope he don’t miss much of the upcoming tour season

  3. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to do a livestream of your practice. It would help with having questions to answer rather than coming up with questions.

  4. So you said your buddy was getting ready for a tournament and Brad was getting ready for the PBA, but Kyle???? Is the injury going to prevent you from competing this year? Hip? Since you ‘threw’ that one ball off the wrong foot?

  5. You guys put in alot of practice and does help you get ready for tournaments and PBA tour. Finding the line that hooks and can we miss right and hooks back. Hows your back going Kyle and will you be returning shorty?

  6. Good stuff. Not every video has to be so formal. I like the real and just watching you guys friendly jab while you practice.

  7. I would like to see some tips for low rev bowlers….I do NOT mean how to increase your revs, but suggestions and recommendation for throwing low revs. I am a solid low rev bowler….a solid and consistent 45-60 RPM @ 12 to 13 MPH with an axis of rotation that starts about 80-90 degrees. If I tape my PAP, it looks like an eye ball staring right back at me until the ball switches to a roll about 45 to 55 ft down the lane (depending on where I slide the ball down, in heavy oil, the edge of the oil or the dry wood on the edges)

  8. Why is it I keep hearing about so much hook by you guys on house shots and house shot tourneys. Idk about everywhere, but here in NY/NJ there’s generally a good amount of oil for both, for the most part anyway. Just curious, are they keeping it light by you guys on purpose, or what’s the reason?

  9. If you want to pick up the 2-4-8-10 you have to really slow roll the hook so the 2 will take out the 10 and the 4 will take out the 8. Too fast and you will leave the 8.

  10. I worked with Jasnau in November, and the “pushaway” is one of the main things we worked on. I have an issue with overextending on my pushaway (which creates late timing) and he was showing me some Brad footage as an example of how to get my ball into the swing earlier/quicker.

  11. Back when the only person that knew the lane “setup” was the lane man, I used to take my first 4 practice shots by walking up to the left gutter, roll the ball slow toward the right gutter, about 40′ point, and rev it up pretty good. I’d watch how the ball reacted going down the lane. After 4 of those shots, I knew where I was going to start my night. Today’s “technology” doesn’t allow that to work anymore. But, a revised form of it could give an idea.

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