21 Comments on “Brad Improves His Bowling Scores With This Tip”

  1. I want to see brad win a tournament big fan and would love to see Mikey will a title soon he’s bowl good right now and Kyle win let’s go boys

  2. I understand the problem with dipping because I do it, too. I try to think about what Dom Barrett looks like on his approach and that fixes it.

  3. These vlogs motivate me to improve my game. Nearly shot my first 300 ever in league today with the Hyped Pearl but had to settle for 289. 😣

  4. You guys have changed the way I get my info on bowling. Cudos to you both for sharing tips and tricks, the game is way more complex than I could ever imagine. Keep up the good work! Ill be purchasing some shirts. Hopefully, ill be able to say hello when you guys get to Milwaukee this year.

  5. Has a solid week this week. While on the low side of my average, 160, I was pleased overall. A guy 2 lanes over who I’ve spent many a Wednesday afternoon shooting the shyt with and being bowling buddies was on a run. I didn’t notice until his 10th, but he was on a perfect run. Of course everyone around was watching. Strike in the 10th. Strike in the 11th. Then a 9 in the 12th for a 299. While sad for him getting that close, we were all really happy for him. Two frames later for me, I leave a strange 5/7 even though I hit the pocket flush and my ball was rolling into the pins. That’s just bowling for you. As a lefty, I decided to try to Brooklyn the 5 pin back into the 7 because I have no back up spin. I hit it and he was every bit as excited for me picking that up as we were for his 299. That’s why I love this game.

  6. Hang in there. Nice seeing some tour insight. Of course PBA does not get coverage like the good old days. You will match up with the patterns soon. Looks like sometimes these New Balls along with huge hooking angles makes the game harder sometimes. Will we ever get a young Bowler like Duke again? Good luck.

  7. Thanks for the videos, you guys rock. I keep hoping you make the cut. I hope to see Kyle back to his great bowling ability soon. I wish I had the talent you guys have, back when I was able to bowl. I miss it, but I still enjoy it watching the videos.

  8. Great tip, Brad. What you were saying toward the end of the video reminds me of Sunday night league. My dad is always making observations of me and making sure my technique looks good, I’m releasing the ball right, I’m hitting my target, etc. A few times he says, “I noticed you were bending from your back instead of your knees.” It makes me think, “Crap, I didn’t think I was bending over,” but your teammates tend to see things that you can’t see. Sometimes I have my trail leg on the ground (and I am aware of it most of the time), and other times I lose my balance and I think, “my trail leg wasn’t touching the ground on that shot.”

  9. I love bowling season and watching you guys perform in tournaments. You guys work hard for money not like other sports like golf that make an absurd amount of money. Hang in there your time will comeπŸ€

  10. Thanks that tip might actually help me. I’ve changed a few things recently (was blaming it on a hand position change due to injury) and my scores dropped and that might be it too. I hope it is!

  11. Hey Brad and/or Kyle, I need some advice. I recently bowled in a house that has sliiiiiick gutters. As in, miss 1 to the right and it goes in the channel slick. This house put down a 37 ft pattern. I bowled terrible that day, unable to be consistant with my mark at all. It seemed like every mistake I made was amplified 10 fold. I tried urethane in the middle, didn’t work. I tried playing an extreme angle, that didn’t work. I tried throwing up 5, didn’t work. What should I have done?

  12. That would be a free video tip in the near future for a lot of bowlers about not bending your body a bit too much and how to correct it.

  13. 11:38 yes! You all should make a video about this. I’d be interested to see what Coach Daniel has to say about being too far forward too early. This is something I struggle with ALL THE TIME

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