28 Comments on “Brad is bowling for a Major! | 2022 USBC MASTERS”

  1. hey guys this cody I’m special needs I love too bowl you guys are best you are big inspiration Iove you guys hope someday you can help me with my bowling

  2. Gonna be rooting for you Brad! You can do it! Also those moments with Norm were funny. Would like to meet Norm someday (and I wanna see Brad again and meet Kyle for the first time). It’ll happen I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

    1. My friend had dinner with WRW at a bowling clinic afterward and took a picture with Norm at a tournament…That’s about the closest i ever got to them…..lol….thru him

    2. Met norm when I was a young teen, my dad was bowling the masters and norm was the next set of lanes over. Even tho he wasn’t bowling great, he is a super nice guy, been one of my favorites ever since

    3. @R Car Yes R Car while Kristen is swooning over her Brad picture on her bedroom wall i will talk to you….Yes Norm is very approachable on getting pictures with him. He’s never turned down a picture. What you see on the camera is the same guy off the camera…..Probably go down in history as the most likable.

  3. Norm is a truly great human being. The look of sorrow upon hear Kyle didn’t make itπŸ˜₯

  4. An outside the box pov; you may have had a bad day but, when Norm Duke is asking about you, you’ve gotta be doing something right overall.

  5. That is awesome 😎! Congratulations Brad and good luck this weekend. Can’t wait to watch on TV

  6. Brad looks sooooooo #BADASS posing with his arms folded like that with that “DON’T F with ME!” look. Norm Duke just seems so much fun!

  7. Gotta love Duke!
    I’m using his “Learn to Bowl Competitively” videos. It’s a Master Class. My game has improved so much. Love vibin’ with Norm.

    1. I don’t think that many would have cause they have all been in kyles situation where everything you do sucks

  8. Thanks for all your vlogs, bring some real insight into the tour, I would never have know that Norm has such a great personality. Good luck Brad.

  9. Hard to believe that Norm is pushing 60, and still (successfully!) mixing it up with the kids. A legend, and an inspiration to everyone in the 50+ crowd…

  10. Norm knows the ups and downs of life on the tour and just showed authentic real emotion for Kyle.

  11. The end of this Vlog is why Norm Duke is by far the nicest most caring bowler in PBA there’s nobody else better than him.

  12. I was bowling in the Masters on the C squad. I have to say I really wondered if you guys put on a show for the cameras as being “good guys”. I can truly say you are. I watched several times you taking the time for your fans. Whether that be a picture, autograph or even just saying hello to your fans. I hope you can keep it up because the sport needs ambassadors like you. Good luck and good bowling.

  13. Congrats Brad for making the cut! Give ’em what for in matchplay!
    My condolences to Kyle–sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug.
    Norm…ya just gotta love, Norm. Lol!

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