23 Comments on “Brad Is Late To The First PBA Event of 2023?!”

  1. I was actually in indianapolis at royal pin expo bowl and I wish I could have made the even to bowl with you guys but I was bowling for semi state in highschool. You guys are great bowling with everyone and I hope I can make one of these events one day

  2. Feeling under the weather today, but after watching this vlog, it made me smile. You guys make great, entertaining content and it only makes us want more. Btw, I bowled three great games in league last night (182, 191, and 197 for a 570 series)! Still hope to bowl in a pro am with Brad and Kyle someday. And one more thing: Go chiefs (that’s for you, Brad)

  3. I hope Ronnie brought more balls to the Open than he did when you had him on the channel! πŸ˜‚

    Good luck, guys!

  4. Great video as usual, guys. Sorry Brad, but my Eagles are taking down KC in the Super Bowl πŸˆπŸ˜ŠπŸ¦…

  5. i bowled in the Pro Am yesterday and it was great fun. Saw Brad but got to bowl with Kevin and Parker and others. Good luck this week!

  6. Brad, fulfill what the banner in this vlog said and #crushsouls & take down the #2023USOPEN. Kyle as you have a speedy recovery, hope Dennis will be more #mastersplinter for you to improve in camera-ing skills & hope you also strive hard to become the next #ironchef. Dennis, so great that we will get to experience (almost) daily the artistry of your editing and camera work.

  7. Is there going to be a consideration ever to move off of facebook? I know a custom site or something like that would be tough, but as someone who doesn’t use facebook it’s tough to go with the coaching plan for a service I’m not a fan of using

  8. I became a Brad & Kyle coaching member 1 year ago. I returned to the game after a 10-year absence and am now approaching a 200 average in league and bowling small tournaments. The coaching membership is a great tool to step up your game.

  9. I felt sorry for the mascot bowling 🎳🎳. Kinda of hilarious!! I know it’s tough to do that! I see Brad looking pretty solid throwing.

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