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29 Comments on “Brad is Making His Run! | PBA Players Championship”

    1. I’ve bowled on the same pair as Ryan on a few occasions during a few tournaments. Really is a quiet guy who keeps to himself. Even though both tournaments were doubles, neither he or his partner did much talking. Any conversations we had were pretty much limited to an impressive split conversion by someone on the pair or after the game ended saying the usual “pleasure bowling with you, good luck the rest of the way” etc. Brad Angelo is one of the nicest bowlers I have bowled with. Lavoie’s nice, too. So is Wesley Low. Mitch Hupe is pretty quiet, but all around, most bowlers I’ve bowled with are really nice people who are willing to chat if you want to chat.

    2. You can just see the disgust and irritation on his face and with his body language, throwing his hands up in frustration. Dude looks like a complete tool, just saying…..

  1. Come on BRAD This is your time buddy! You got this, focus up make the finals we have your back! GO BRAD MILLER FTW!!!

  2. Kyle, I’m 27 and I feel your pain. I started having hip problems last year during bowling season, and it was always my slide foot. I was fine outside of bowling, but would always re-aggravate it on league nights. I noticed my slide wasn’t nearly as good, and switched soles, which took tons of pressure off my hip. I also rested it for about a week, and also started hitting the gym, specifically on the hip abduction and adduction machines. It’s made a world of difference and my hip pain has disappeared. I know this might not be the case, as we’re all different, but rest and strengthening the muscles helped for me. Hope this helps! (Also good luck you guys!)

    1. Paul I hope being able to do the splits keeps me from hips problems I’m 21 and hearing that someone has had hip problems in their 20s scares me.

  3. Brads throwing it better week after week. Seems that when he gets low at the release it gives him maximum leverage.

  4. Great start and good luck today. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 for Kyle and let’s go Brad with the $3 #MillerTime #TheHouse #RespectTheGrind

  5. I think The House should have a friendly competition to see who can bowl the best with a “house ball”….It’s “The House House Ball Challenge” 🙂

  6. Prather is a bass fisherman!! That’s sweet always cool to see pros of a sport do other hobbies in their free time.

  7. Keep it going Brad!! Your shot making is crazy solid bruh, I love how you post every shot, or at least the ones we see on the vlog:)

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