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29 Comments on “Brad Makes His First Singles Show! | PBA Oklahoma Open”

    1. I’m not even just wishful thinking I think this is Brad’s to lose. I know Ryan dominated including a 3 game stretch shooting 868, but will face lanes with two two handed left handlers throwing urethane. The right side will be a lot less used especially if packy wins match 1. Brads game just is so smooth it’s his time 🏆

    2. @Steven Berndt , I was thinking the same thing. Packy and Jesper are going to mess the left side up, which will make it tricky for Ryan. If Brad can find a line(and Rash doesn’t make it through), this be Brad’s to lose. I know I am pulling for him.

    3. @Steven Berndt I had no idea Ryan shot 868 for 3, that is fucking NUTS. Before my neck injury, I think my best was somewhere in the mid/high 700’s.

  1. B&K….got to pay the rest of the Vlog Squad.   Loved seeing the classic old schoolers on the vlog today…Del Ballard, CDB, Pedersen.  Once again…another great video; and one last thing…..good luck Brad….go tear it up!

  2. Brad, good luck today! You are my favorite in today’s step ladders! Loved Del’s cameo! Also Randy was was good too. The cameos from other is always good, see if you can get Kimberly today during the step ladders. It will be interesting to how the lanes play on Sunday, would love to get Brad’s opinion on that in the next video. You guys have great friends that help you out, make sure to be true to them! Ken

  3. Must say this was one of the most epic vlogs from the Tang and Via takeover to the HOF Ballard cameos to 80% of the house making match play to the awesome behind the scenes smack talk to Packy and Millertime making the show!!!!!!! Great job guys 💪🏾💪🏾. Slap every shot out Packy 🤣😂. I really hope one of yal bring home the title. #RespectTheGrind

  4. This is my favorite vlog. My girlfriend and I watch every single one. Now she wants to learn how to bowl. Going to have to get her some shoes.. lol. You guys are awesome! Best of luck to all the competition. Can’t wait to see the show. Also.. pay that guy. He deserves it!

  5. Brad! Your work ethic, humility, and very sensible approach to the job has been so fun to watch. Thank you guys for letting us see the struggle, these years will always be talked about as the “great times”…cherished forever

    1. I’ve seen Barnes do it on TV, and it is hilarious to see the pros miss that badly. It makes me feel a lot better when I screw up and ditch one.

    2. I did it a few weeks ago during league and it sucked. Literally everyone looked cause I never do that lol. Guess that’s what happens when i throw the ball from 20 to the 3(boards) when I bowl.

  6. That actually was a really great vlog. The housemates do add nicely to the brad and kyle universe. Great game footage. Buy the camera team each a bottle of bourbon or something. 😊👍

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