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  1. Nice to see Bowl DMC, House, and B & K all have members representing in the top spots! Good luck to you guys in the casherโ€™s round!

  2. Saw Brad’s 300, even have it on video. Met him in the bar afterward for a brief moment, but he had two pizzas in his hand, so I did not want to hold him up! Lol Good luck today my dude! I hope Jackson stays on the schedule in the future, we are a great bowling city and will always come out and support.

    1. Good for you for being thoughful and kind. I hope Brad and Kyle find you today at the tournament and get to talk for a bit. Very cool

  3. Wish we saw how that ten fell at 7:40 lol I was so confused when it cut to the score and he was still on track for 300. Congrats!

    1. the 10 pin was on 47-48 and he shot 300 on 43-44, it must have been from earlier in the day and got mixed in with the rest. I was really confused at first also

    2. @Wardah Correct, the 300 was on 43-44. They were showing highlights from the entire qualifying round.

    3. @UCqWFbdfEyDktAMhkOnxMZjg He absolutely DID shoot 300, check the scores. I was standing 15 feet away when he did it.

  4. Congrats on making the cut and your 300 Brad! I actually bowled my first 300 last night in league. Super happy to finally get that first one.

    1. โ€‹@kot1a Thank ya! Yeah, the smile still hasn’t left yet. My teammate got footage of the last 3 strikes, so I’ve just been watching it over and over.

    2. @No Gard I wish I had thought of that back when I got mine. I ended up with three. Unfortunately, my bowling days were cut short because of a serious spine issue. I miss it so much…. ANYWAY, THIS ISN’T ABOUT ME! CONGRATS! I hope the pieces continue to fall into place for you as you get better.

    3. Congrats on that first 300 man. Super accomplishment. You did that in league? I bet when you laid down in bed to go to sleep last night, the replay option in your brain was replaying every shot over and over, especially that last one. When I bowl super good, that’s how it is for me. I do fall asleep eventually, but meanwhile, those replays are so sweet.

    4. @Ironfangzu Thanks! Yeah, it took about an extra hour and a half for me to come down off my adrenaline high and get to sleep. It was in league play, so I’ll finally get that elusive 300 ring. Funny enough though, I’ve got an 800 ring (bowled an 819 last year), so I guess other than a 900, this was the last bowling milestone I was wanting to achieve.

  5. Congrats Brad, so happy for you. Youโ€™re on your way to your first PBA title! Hope we meet again soon. โค๏ธ๐ŸŽณ

  6. So Happy that I get to see you guys bowl this week here up in Jackson! You guys are some of my favorite bowlers. And thanks for getting my Nissan Altima in the background of the video ๐Ÿ˜‚. Gl today Brad

  7. Had a really nice conversation with brad in the bar yesterday. I was wearing a red championship sweatshirt. He asked if Iโ€™d be out tomorrow and I said yes! See you in the show brad. Youโ€™ll make it

  8. I used to bowl in that center years ago when I lived in Michigan. Always a high scoring house. And, as you noted, the people in Jackson, MI love their bowling. Good luck tomorrow

  9. love the videos boys — literally every bowler looks like they’ve never taken a shower…..EVER. Its apparent that being on the PBA is like one step away from being homeless!
    Things we’ve learned watching Brad and Kyle: Brad can read, Kyle constantly needs chap-stick, its possible to survive on a diet of crappy Mexican food and pizza!
    You two are way over due for a championship…….. I think ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Brad is so in the zone that he doesn’t know it. Stay there, Bro. Stay fluid and roll that ball. You got this!

  11. As usual, a very enjoyable video. Your video guy is good at keeping your story in focus. Great bowling too! Good luck in the tourney!

  12. Recent subscriber. Really cool seeing this perspective and showing the world how much of a grind it is out there. Most people don’t realize that part. Good luck, Brad!!

  13. My son freaked out when he watched this video and he saw himself in the background. Thanks for the autographs and pictures. Great bowling and keep doing what you are doing to grow the sport. You guys helped make a new bowlers day by being so accommodating to the fans. Thanks again.

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