26 Comments on “Brad Must Strike To Make The Tournament! | 2023 TOC”

  1. I swear to god if Norm is not put on the PBA telecasts I will riot. hes got so much enthusiasm and knowledge its crazy

    1. Norm would be great. I just want Randy and rob gone. No disrespect, they just have the most outdated style of commentating.

    2. โ€‹โ€‹@steadyMiLL and that 8 pin situation might die too?
      Plus I’m pretty sure Norm knows exactly when a shut out situation is possible . & when it’s not

    3. Don’t be a hater. Randy and Rob do a great job! Just add a third pro bowler from time to time. Norm is a great guest.

    4. @True Profit I’m not a hater. Just drives me crazy when Randy is talking about the guy bowling the 8th & 9th and what he needs for the shut out, just time for some new blood
      I’ve been able to keep score since the days of the paper score sheets

  2. The little addition where you showed the ball being used was awesome! Could definitely add some insight on the bowling aspect more on top of just pure quality videos

  3. Well this channel is just fanatstic, as someone with limited time it’s great to see the action going on out there, it’s like your taking us on the journey with you, great job! Loved the cameo appearance by Duke as well !

  4. I was following the scores on the PTQ. So glad the my favorite bowling dude, Brad “Bald Eagle” Miller, made it through. Best of luck to both of you and hope to see you both on at least one of the TOC shows.

  5. I got Brad with 267+ for qualifying score. Just wanna thank you guys and Packy for getting me into bowling the past years. Best of luck

  6. Jim, thank you for your offer for the Brad & Kyle channel support! I am backing Brad with a +483 for qualifying! How can anyone not love Norm Duke! I remember when I attended the 2019 Masters in Vegas, you guys were hanging with Norm and he took you to play golf and you guys hanging together at the tournament. I also loved it when he stayed in the house with you and everyone else.

  7. Brad with a +241!!! Your Vlog has been killing it lately, love getting nothing done @ work watching you guys!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  8. Sounds like a worth while experience! Would love to go to St. Louis and get a lesson with either or both of you (preferably Brad, lol). I would say +274 for qualifying score for Brad. I can see Brad making it to the top 17.

  9. The advice Norm gave is golden especially since Iโ€™ve bowled at Riviera lanes for many moons. I believe my slow rolling style came from bowling there most of my childhood.

  10. The Brad and Kyle Youtube channel is awesome! I enjoy watching the content each and every video as well as getting tips and tricks to try and improve my bowling game. While I believe in Kyle, my pick has to be Brad with +274 qualifying score. I wish both of you luck and hope to see you in the show at the end of the week!

  11. I am going Brad with +242. Good luck to both Brad and Kyle at this year’s TOC. Keep doing what you guys do!

  12. Absolutely love Brad and Kyle, they are the pioneers of PBA Vlogs, and they are the only Vlog that I watch. I can’t wait for Brad to get his first win! Wishing you both great success!!

  13. Iโ€™m going with Kyle at +268. This channel is awesome, itโ€™s reignited my love for bowling and peaked my 8 year old daughters interest so much we are going biking a couple days a week. Thanks for all you guys do.

  14. Wow , what a class guy to do that for us ( and for Kyle and Brad ) . Iโ€™ll go Brad + 245. Thank you , good luck everyone

  15. Iโ€™m going with Brad with +279. Hope you both do well at TOC! Rooting for both of you! Team Brad and Kyle.

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