20 Comments on “Brad Passes Out While Bowling!!”

  1. I just wanna say I love watching y’all’s videos and I can truly say I’d never be as good at bowling as I am now without y’all,

  2. Positivie vibes today good luck guys! Pulled a full day just watching on FloBowling and can’t imagine how you guys do those all day shifts. My thumb hurt just watching!

  3. I also felt light headed in a tournament before. It was my first regional tournament, and was super anxious. It is just a terrible feeling. Hope you guys can get some good results this season.

  4. Love the vids! Hope Brad is ok…. Kyle I love ya, my only advice is carmex, especially in these winter months.

  5. Loved the video! Was that the Storm Nova that Brad was throwing for the morning games? Hard to tell if it was that one or the alien one.

  6. Good bowling guys! Glad Brad F&$kin Miller pulled through. Good luck tomorrow and thanks for bringing us along so we could watch some good bowling and a solid Brooklyn from Dino. High fives for Brooklyns!

  7. Brad mentioned bowling with one eye opened. I remember my vision getting a little weird like that. Ended up not being able to walk & my speech was slurred. Got all kinds of tests before the doctor had to guess that I might’ve had a bp spike. Was very relieved not to see that kind of drama.

  8. Man, I’m so happy the season is back and we are getting regular uploads with the OG’s! Β 

    Commenting early on in the vlog, but I have to say, through my life playing sports, I always performed best when I was feeling sick/off. Didn’t bowl when I was young, but playing hockey, baseball, golf, etc. Something about being sick helped me focus, and calmed my nerves as a result. I also think it helped me from trying to overpower anything. I imagine being light-headed though throws off your equilibrium which for bowling would be kind of a major battle πŸ™‚

  9. Congratulations yall doing well! I recognized the Zen yall were bowling with, but Brad, what was that pretty ball you were bowling with during the first block? πŸ€”

  10. good luck today guys. You are both right there. We are expecting nothing less than a Kyle vs Brad title match. Give em hell

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