1. Brad, you shot fantastic right from the get go and proud of you. Kyle you kept grinding and shot good. Good luck to you guys in match play and hopefully you two make step ladder

  2. Love you guys. Brad you have come such a long way Kyle glad you are back and finding your groove

  3. Brad this is the most relaxed you’ve looked all season, staying down at the line and letting that arm swing go free. Now go get that championship!

  4. Let’s go guys! You seriously deserved this. Bring one home for the channel, baby!!!

  5. Brad ! You’ve been calling this one all year ! Congrats – Now go make it count in Match Play !

  6. Awesome, happy for you guys it seems like such a grind being out there so when its fun you have to enjoy it, those phase 5 balls looked like the NUT! lol

  7. WTG,great recovery guys.Kyle a few weeks ago for 3 games I left 10 7 pins and 15 10 pins all in the same night.Keep the momentum going.

  8. Well done fellas. Brad has been promising a 300 all year in qualifying. Ride that wave to the finals πŸ€™

  9. This was probably…no its definitely the best video of the year or more in my opinion that I’ve seen. Such a fun video to watch, keep it up win or lose we still watch. We like this Brad and Kyle. Not only the scores but the personality that showed in this video makes bowling fun and enjoyable. Thank you guys for the content.

  10. Congratulations on a 300 Brad and congratulations to y’all both on making the cut let’s goπŸ‘πŸΎ

  11. You guys bowled great. Brad, you were just beating the hell out of the pocket today. Nice 300, real nice!!!!!

  12. Gotta be pretty nice when your leadoff man averages a tasty 270 for the first five games. Pretty, pretty nice.
    Congrats on making the cut, guys! Get some rest and hit it hard tomorrow. Work to be done, titles to be won.

  13. Brad and Kyle, I can really see all the work both of you have been putting into your swing and releases. Both look very effortless and clean. I have enjoyed watching your journeys. Keep believing in yourselves and each other.

  14. Its great when everything matches up Brad.Ball choice, rev rate and speed being at an optinal rate and angle to the pocket.Up goes the confidence level.Great bowling Brad.Kyle kudos to you making the best of what you had and not getting down on yourself. Perfect doubles partners. Knock um dead tomorrow!

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