24 Comments on “brad sucks at bowling.. | 2021 PBA WSOB”

  1. Poor Brad. At least he was beat by the eventual champ. Cheering for Packy and Mikey today, maybe 1 house victory?…

  2. You guys are funny, love you for it. Someone in the House is gonna win a PBA tour title soon who hasn’t won yet. Brad, you are overdue! Go get em’ at the USBC Masters and US Open. Keep doing what you guys do best, bowling and vlogging. <3 <3 <3

  3. Hail Brad!!!! From KC as well and bowl sometimes at Sterling its good to see a hometown guy killing it

  4. 8:16 that pretty well summarizes my league team every season lol. We’re not “slow” necessarily, we’re just throwing two balls every frame lol

  5. Brad and kyle are amazing but if brad ever wanted toget his hair back than he can get the hair follicle procedure, back head hair surgery,laser treatment or rogain

  6. Don’t have to put he sucks in the title everyone already knows he’s wasting his money out there 🤷‍♂️😂

  7. There’s a thing called a Bangerang…when you finish the can, you say “Bangerang” and toss the can at someone’s head
    You should do it

  8. My favorite part of my day is when I wake up and see if and new videos r up. Keep doing it. I have a question. I notice that u leave all those bowling balls in the back of Kyle’s truck. Do u ever notice u get different reactions from ur balls or do u bowl worse is the balls r warm or cold. I can’t bowl with cold balls but I have don’t it and it seems like it won’t hook as much then being warm.

  9. It’s only a matter of time for both of you. As long as you keep signing up for the events, of course…

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