1. :41-:50- lol Darren, next time I meet Brad, that’s something I wanna do cause I missed out the first time. Btw, congrats on making the cut Brad and bowling well, and Darren congrats on making the stepladder final. Best of luck in the Masters to all the House guys. πŸ˜‰

  2. Kyle: β€œlet’s go check on the rest of the house” walks over to the spectating area

  3. Always rooting for you, Brad, win or lose, you are still winner for never giving up. Good luck on the next one.

  4. Brad so sorry you missed the cut dude I was rooting for you we’ll get him next time dude keep up the good work keep the channel rollin I love the content and I’m rooting for your bro I’m root for you

  5. Brad, great bowling and way to finish in top 10. You bowled awesome and that Nova looks fantastic. Darren great run and you have been bowling better lately. Ik it was alot but never give up and keep grinding

  6. You support us as much as we support you, man. I wouldn’t bowl half as well as I do now if it weren’t for the advice you and Kyle give!

  7. Brad, you’re a class act, still vlogging after missing the cut that close. Thanks for sharing even when your mood may not be the best. You’re a good man and your bowling is fun and very informative to watch.

  8. Thank You for your videos. I’ve learned a lot from both of you. How balls and bowlers affect oil patterns was not something I ever considered. Watching you go thru the ups and downs of qualifying has taught me a lot about reading lanes.

  9. Tough to see you look tired and defeated after pouring it all out and coming up short Brad. Really speaks to your commitment though to giving us content to enjoy and we all appreciate it out here in the gallery. You keep pounding and we’ll keep cheering.

  10. I’m an old guy (60), so Barnes playing right (kinda down and in) would be my choice. Bummed that you missed the cut, Brad, but it just shows how F#%KING HARD it is on Tour!

  11. Good run Brad. Thanks so much for describing what happened afterwards in such a clear and honest fashion. Your experiences become our lessons.

  12. Brad, Definitely sorry you missed the cut, but I appreciate you being a class act man. It will come!!!!!

  13. Richie Teece is quickly becoming one of my favorite people on tour. More Richie and make him an honorary House member

  14. Good job Brad! Definitely one of the ambassadors of bowling for the next generation. Just know you and the house vloggers are gonna be the reason a lot of people give bowling a shot. Keep the grind up!

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