21 Comments on “Brad vs Kyle | Bowling Strikes Challenge!”

  1. Wow that phase 2 bowling ball looks simply stunning. The best of luck to the both of you fine gentlemen this season. Kyle looks a lot better he sure has nice form and everything else for sure.

  2. Both great bowlers, Kyle seems to do better more often but I remember in an old video where Brad shot what 28 strikes in a row! Your both good together your great that’s why everyone likes your channel

  3. I think this was my sign to finally drill my Phaze II…lol Good bowling! I refuse to pick who’s better… (its **** 🤫)

  4. Hey boys hope you are doing well and had a great weekend, what lanes are u at and u too will win tournament s next year, love the balls all of them are great and have there quirks and roll. Chat soon

  5. Kyle is sightly better when healthy, but he seems to have nagging injuries. Brad is more steady and cerebral. Both different strokes though and really hard to compare. If I had to pick someone for a league team, no matter how competitive… or really just over a large sample size, I’ve gotta take brad. For a one-off or if you could guarantee their peak performance, I’d take Kyle.

  6. It’s Kyle, WHEN HE REMEMBERS TO REGISTER FOR THE EVENT! Duh!!!! I think enough time has passed??? Then I’d definitely take Brad!!!! 😆 🤣 😂

  7. Despite the outcome, this was fun to watch. You’re both great bowlers in my opinion, but still a little more partial to Brad (sorry Kyle, lol). Both of you are gonna make at least 1 show next year and win at least 1 PBA tour title. Great content as always guys. Keep doing what you love ❤️🎳

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