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  1. Awesome week! I was practicing in my local center yesterday, and everyone was talking about your videos. You are now influencers!

  2. Having Norm’s cameo’s throughout the World Series vlogs was amazing content. It was nice seeing him regularly.

    1. Absolutely agree, very interesting in knowing his thoughts through all of this considering his age.

  3. KYLE kilt it but Dennis is the #REALMVP

    How do you guys get to hang out so much with a HoF’r like Norm and what’s it/he like? #askingforafriend #jelous

  4. Guys thanks so much for the videos! There are many of us who would have loved to live that life and never had the opportunity. It could be because we did not have the money, ability or even good fortune to live that life even for a few days. We therefore live vicariously though you guys! Wishing you more and more success every tournament !

    1. was totally about to comment, “don’t think ive ever seen a right hander leave a *looks at notes* a 6-8?”

    2. 6-8 splits are the lefty’s version of the 4-9 when they hit high. Didn’t even think that was possible from a righty with AJ’s super high rev rate. 9 out of 10 times that light hit just leave the 2-10 or 2-8-10. No idea how the 6-8 could have stood up.

  5. Kyle has been making some great shots..he will get there and be a hot ticket soon enough with shots like that.

  6. Norm needs to be a regular in the video’s… great legend in the sport of bowling 🎳 and funny πŸ˜„

  7. Hell of a run, Kyle. House guys did quite well for themselves this week, in fact.

    Also, always love the content involving Norm. He’s a hell of a guy & one of the best ever.

  8. 793 for your last three games Kyle. That was freaking beautiful to watch man. Way to end the tournament way to keep your spirits up way to keep grinding knowing you weren’t going to make the cut. That’s what future Champions do man you just keep digging and keep grinding.

  9. Hey Brad and Kyle, I wanted to personally thank both of you for helping me reach my first 300 game. Your tutorial videos furthered my knowledge of bowling and the proper way how to play it. Thank you guys and I hope you guys have the best of times!

  10. Love seeing Norm in the videos. He is a legend and has a great sense of humor. Great bowling Kyle.🎳

  11. I had the chance to bowl with Norm once during a pro-am in my younger years. Great guy, would love the chance to shoot another game with him someday. Nice bowling Kyle, congrats man. πŸ‘

  12. You know what drives me nuts, a bowling center that can’t put the same color pin deck light in every lane. Btw great week guys.

  13. I have not league bowled in a long time. But I might show this video to the next person who makes a joke about professional bowling because you went from a pretty normal place for you to the far left side of the lane AND dropping a step out of your approach because of the ball return. I’d just end up cursing at my ball and missing a lot. πŸ˜€ Discovered you two in the past few weeks and you make great stuff. Keep it up. πŸ™‚

  14. Ima be real having a legend like Norm Duke in your daily vlogs is a huge W. Please continue to have him on. Great video as usual.

  15. Having Norm still bowl with the young pros is like having Jordan still play in the NBA today. Priceless.

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