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22 Comments on “building your best 3 ball bowling arsenal”

  1. Tamerbowling also does very honest ball reviews, besides you he’s another I get a lot of my choices off of! Great video though JR

    1. If you throw Storm or Roto Grip check out Luke Rosdahl, Bowling Fix, DH Bowling, and Shim Wrecker Enterprise. Awesome channels for the Storm/Roto line.

  2. Great three ball arsenal recommendations… surface, one high, and two mid performance balls… good tip and vlog! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  3. Motiv balls in the bag…Alpha Jackel for heavy oil or first game then on to the new Tank Blitz seems to do good the second and very good the third game. I hv a Rogue Assassin that I can use if needed.

  4. I use 2 strong balls being a Zing and a Crux Prime since I have a very high rev rate. My Zing and Crux do have different layouts which helps me in transitioning if I have to do so

  5. Thank you for the information as always. What are your thoughts on having a Black Widow B/G, Diesel Torque, and Orange Vibe?

  6. That’s excellent advice JR. I use a Dull solid reactive as a strong ball, then a pearl for later in the league and of course a plastic ball for spares… 🎳

  7. I love this video JR! I love storm equipment, so my best 3 ball arsenal would be the phaze3, all road, and tropical surge. That way I can get a variety of weak to strong bowling balls.

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