23 Comments on “Can Kyle Shoot 300 at PBA Tournament Of Champions?!”

  1. You’re bowling great Kyle, keep it up! Looking forward to seeing you guys bowl in the Roth/Holman doubles. You guys are gonna dominate!

  2. Kyle bowling out of his mind this week, those eight plates of food weren’t just to replenish calories, our guy hungry for that chip. Looking forward to seeing him in the ladder πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  3. Hopefully you can keep the captions coming! (hearing impaired, thanks) Update: seems the captions are now working. Glad to see Kyle keeping it up! You guys give me the motivation to do well tonight against the #1 team in our league.

  4. Take it one game at a time today, you got this, good luck, hopefully the shoulder is okay. Take care.

  5. I’m not a 10 pin bowler, but your videos have been keeping me around all weekend πŸ˜”, I just spent the weekend in the hospital after an attempt on my life, and bowling has always been apart of my life. I’ve always loved watching 10 pin bowling, been watching you guys for a while now, keep up the amazing work! I’m doing a bit better now, good news is I got out of the hospital yesterday.

    1. Good to know still with us Chris. Stay positive. Best wishes. Brad n Kyle have opened up a whole world of great viewing and Vlogging.

  6. Watching you guys the past month has persuaded me to take a couple years to tweak my game and then get a tour membership. It’s awesome seeing an inside look and look forward to hopefully bowling against you guys!

  7. Plot twist: Kyle was throwing the altered reality so good he had to have a bad game with so the ball didn’t get banned and he get checked for PEDs 🀷🏾🀣 great bowling Shermanator. Rest up and keep cooking πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾 #LFG #RespectTheGrind

  8. I’m seeing “in the zone” stuff right there. I’ve watched a few vids and in my eye, I’m seeing the ball jump out of the fingers. Great look. Slap em off!

  9. when my older son was pitching through High School and Travel ball we had a arm wrap from ICE20 (bownet owns it now). it had 3 bladder bags that you fill with ice and water that would cover your front and back shoulder, and elbow. Easy to travel with and we used it every time he threw for recovery. if you end up picking one up make sure to squeeze the air out of the bags, and fill them to the top. it makes them conform to your shoulder better. Good Luck tomorrow Kyle!

  10. Great Bowling. Kyle or Brad have you ever Drilled a ball with a Layout with the Pin just above the Thumbhole ? My Coach showed me his ball. The ball still hooks the Same BUT the ball holds the Line and will not Overhook. It is a great choice when the backends become too try near the Headpin. Paul Klanecky

  11. Generally watching these as the next round is taking place. The 155 worried me, but the bounce back in Q3 and Match Play 1 is awesome. Keep it up!!

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