22 Comments on “Can Ray Lussier Take Down Brad Miller?! | 2022 Players Championship (MEGAVLOG)”

  1. Hey brad and Kyle keep up the amazing work sirs. I have watched you two for a long time. You guys are an inspiration to me. Keep up the amazing work with these quality vlogs boys and the best of luck to the both of you this year.

  2. Got my first Benchmark ball practicing throwing two handed and one handed both look good. Your “how to” videos taught me so much. I do love watching Packy and The House bowling but I always come back to Brad and Kyle, I love you guys! See you on the next one!

  3. I love the arsenal examples that Brad was doing with the drills and ball motion differences. Plus Got some shots of Fero bowling next to you #RoyalFlush

  4. I’m glad you guys are back……I was about to start watching those two handers on the house bowling…..or even worse …Darren Tang’s channel πŸ˜‚ j/k can’t wait to see how you guys do in 2022

  5. This is cool, I’ve been watching Rambo Ray since 2011 when he was on OpTic. Now with EnVy and OpTic merging and here he is on Brad and Kyles Youtube! Rays been killing it!!

  6. Man Brad kept staying with that pile of a ball “the wolverine”. That thing is tragically bad. Idk why but its like the most inconsistent ball I’ve seen in recent years. From everyone. Should roll the thing down the parking lot and try the new spectre as a replacement lol

  7. Hey Brad And Kyle I love watching your videos and seeing how life is like on the PBA tour!!! All though I’m a 2 hander lol, you guys have really helped me improve my game!!! I’m currently averaging 202 right now in my league and If that holds up I plan to get my PBA pro card! Cause it’s always been my dream to bowl on the PBA tour, so hopefully I’ll see you guys in the not so distant future??!! Had a quick question though. How much are entry fees for most PBA tournaments?? I hope you guys crush this 2022 season!!!!

    1. awesome Avree keep it up. Not sure if you are aware or not you can bowl most PBA regionals without a card. It is a good chance to see how you match up on the harder patterns. I think if you cash twice in a year you have to join before bowling more. The regional program is a good stepping stone to gauge how you match up. I used to love traveling on a long 3 day weekend to bowl. Best of luck. I am sure more here can give you better info as I haven’t bowled a regional in many moons

  8. I wish I could afford it but sadly I am saving up for some bills but hopefully later this year I might be able to afford it and start bowling more often as I would love to compete as an amateur and ultimately get to bowl in the PWBA. as I know watching your videos have helped me get from barely breaking 100 to now I avg about 120 and hopefully a good bowling ball and arsonal would be helpful for me to get better as in the summer I hope to beable to maybe bowl in a League if I can.

  9. Kyle always up in Brad’s ear talking on his approach. Never seems to do that to Ray. Kyle with the head games to Brad.

  10. Is there anything that my man Rambo Ray is bad at? Dude is a monster in the golf course, hangs with PBA bowlers, and is the COD Father. He does it all folks!

  11. WOW!! Why is 6th place cut almost in half compared to last year? Is it from not having enough bowlers in it or?

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