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  1. Brad literally said how moving left creates the possibility of missing right then the next clip is him missing right 😂

    1. Literally said the same thing to myself. I’m like, why he do that!! He just talked about this lol

    2. The gutter might have been getting tough with the urethane being thrown the pattern sounds very difficult

  2. For anyone that wants to know: Brad is facing Chris Via in first round and Kyle is facing AJ Chapman. (12:00pm PDT/3:00pm EDT) Good luck to you guys! You got this!

    1. 10:28….Watch Brad walk a little faster as some maniac in the background yelling…..I dunno about anybody else but surely it would make me nervous. {night time}…..11:00…Then later on the boys drink Chocolate Milk?….Guys their has to be a casino somewhere…lol….Squandering your life savings is the American way.

    2. @SeaDrive300 Belmo has been struggling on this shot. Also saw where Troup qualified 60. This shot requires straight, slow, and accurate.

    3. @ripvanracer even more of an update… Troop is now in the elimination bracket after a loss to EJ Tackett. I still wonder if Walter Ray and Pete may have done well here if they gave it one more shot. That ‘power’ and ‘rev rate’ isn’t always an advantage on a Nick Hoagland pattern.

  3. As a resident of Western Australia we are all cheering for 20 year old Callum Borck!
    Nice guy with a great game and I hope he goes a long way.

    1. @Jon Hop Of course I want all 3 Aussies to do well, but my pick of them is Callum, being a WA boy

    2. @Blake Robins But Belmo has looked like crap as of late. I think he’s just getting old and doesnt have the power he used to have. 2-handed bowling has that weakness. Because 2-handed bowling is a whole body motion so as you age, it can be a lot more demanding on the body. You can see with Belmo’s approach, it is a lot more tame than it use to be. Being accurate with 2-hand is also difficult if you do not have the power, push and revolutions you had when you are younger… Belmo completely blew that Bracket match and ended up losing by 3 pins. Now he has a super tough match in the Elimination Bracket Vs Brad Miller.

    3. @Blake Robins lol Im only messing with ya man.. I know most Aussie’s like Belmo too, but I get rooting for the local guy. Belmo also has already won everything under the sun and is probably the greatest of all-time. Borck is an awesome bowler and I will also be rooting for him in the elimination Bracket against EJ Tackett’s brother Zak Tackett

  4. I asked bowltv on commentary channel last night to put a dedicated camera on Kyle and Brad. I want to see you both bowl every game.

  5. Hey guys. If you haven’t ever been to The National Car Museum, it’s a good way to spend some free time. It’s right across the river from The Stadium.

  6. Congratulations to you both on making the cut. Hard work pays off and u guys earned. Looking forward to watch u guys for match play. Go Team Brad and Kyle

  7. YOOOOOOOO i see JJ bowling with you guys! He’s the man, I get all my equipment done by him.

  8. You guys better qualify for something soon….otherwise I’m going to go and start watching Darren Tang’s channel instead LOL

  9. When you see Brad and Kyle throwing at your home center and you can’t be there 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  10. Thumbs up with difficulty of the pattern! You just described my last 2 trips to Nationals – no miss room for this THB.

  11. Awesome summary about the conditions Brad. A lot of people do not realize just how difficult it can get!

  12. Brad when he lectures: “This is the USBC masters oil pattern and how it affects your ball reaction & gameplan”

    Brad when he bowls on it: “Allow me to demonstrate”

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