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39 Comments on “Changing the performance of your bowling ball.”

    1. I have a new polished hybrid cover stock storm ball, love it. It hits like an army tank!!! But like with any bowling ball, have to make a good shot and hit the target with it. I have good back end snap. If it is too much, I just go to s less aggressive ball. Depends on lanes!!

  1. High rev speed bowlers need to stop wasting their time on asym balls..symmetric is the only way to go..that way your ball will finish and stop leaving weak 10 pins when you have to swing it

    1. Im high rev and medium to high speed 2 hander. I carry 232 in our house shot. All i use is asyms. I hate anything byt asyms on house shot.

    2. Yeah I gotta agree with Cameron. Asyms work so much better on house for me and anyone else that throws high rev high speed. I actually leave a lot of flat and stone 10s with my 2000 grit phaze 2 (symmetric drilled pin under bridge) yet when I throw on sport or pba patterns its usually the only option over my alpha Crux or code x (both asym drilled pin up)

  2. I used tutlle wax for cars this is also good for your bowlingball. I used it and had the same outcome as you with your device

    1. Or change the surface of the one you already have. Because that makes a lot of sense and there is no right ball picking machine available 😂

  3. That’s crazy yo cause any type of Car Polish, especially Turtle Was has always bee illegal in USBC Play…So now you have a product manufactured by Turtle Wax to be used in Bowling but USBC still says Illegal Products from Turtle Wax…SMH What a scenario

    1. You have always been able to use polish (Turtle Wax)before or after competition. This is no different and isb100% legal.

    1. The 5000 pad when not use on a spinner will get you a 4000 Grit finish and then the true cut polish will get you a 5500 finish by hand after using the p5000 d-pad, when using the p5000 d-pad on a spinner you get a 5000 grit finish that works great as well

    1. problem with changing ur speed to account for your equipment is ur consistency between equipment then

      you gotta do you and let the ball do the work

  4. Don’t say CEO in your intro, doesn’t give you any credibility and in fact sounds infantile. Just use you name company name, founder sounds better.

    1. I say this all as constructive criticism. I like most of your conversation, you have a great tone, albeit a bit rushed, good voice, and lots of knowledge. I think if you can slow down, create multiple shots and cut them together, you can be one of the better channels here on youtube. There is a lot of promise in what you have shown us, just time to fine tune, make it better and then of course ‘take over the world’ as they say.

  5. I also found I didn’t like the out of box finish 500/3000. I found what worked for me was 1000 on 6 sides, ending with top and bottom of the ball sanded last.

  6. hope this question makes sense. would this make a stronger ball a little weaker? I usually use Entry-level ball since i am a low-speed wheelchair bowler but want to try a little higher end ball.

    1. @ham4fun hell yeah. Keep it up. I’m thinking about getting a tank blitz from motiv here pretty soon myself

    2. @Stomping Peak yeah. i also have a Vintage Danger Zone and a Brunswck Twist and a DV8 OutCast Citron Black (which i dont use cause its to light for me now)

    3. @ham4fun I started bowling with one of those zone urethane balls. Its actually one of my lawn ornaments right now since its chipped and only 12 pounds. My arsenal of balls I currently use are the rogue assassin from motiv, parallax from storm, saber pearl from Columbia, and a hammer bad intentions.

  7. So my main question or even an experiment would be, if you surface a ball to 500 then polish it from there what grit would it end at??I’ve done it to a couple of mine and I like the motion it makes

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