Chris Barnes on Setup and Bowling Stance | USBC Bowling Academy

Professional bowler Chris Barnes describes each aspect of his setup. The setup includes everything from your grip pressure to stance, and is crucial for being able to repeat shots and brings consistency to your game.

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6 Comments on “Chris Barnes on Setup and Bowling Stance | USBC Bowling Academy”

  1. Would be much more awesome, if instead of showing bowler stance from his knees to his head, you would show him in a full height, so complete picture was in a frame. Now he tells how he’s moving his feet to open a swing trajectory, but it’s completely impossible to see how it really happens

  2. My bowling ball always go left or right gutter. How to do to bowl straight line to prevent bowling ball to go left or right gutter?

    1. Find someone who bowls well in a league to look at what you are doing. Could be a dozen or more changes you need to make.

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