Cleaning an EXTREMELY Dirty Bowling Ball With Life After Death

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11 Comments on “Cleaning an EXTREMELY Dirty Bowling Ball With Life After Death”

  1. You’re using a stronger wiping device to show how one cleaner is better than another….. got to be consistent and use the shammy or scuff mark remover for both

    1. A normal magic eraser works well at removing scuff marks, and my cleaner is motiv brand. I spray the scuff mark then wipe it away with the magic eraser

    2. He did briefly show it with just the power pad once he flipped the ball over but I agree that a direct comparison would be nice. But they’ve said in previous comments that they are comparing how the product is intended to be used not how they perform under the same conditions.

  2. Mine is on the way, order it the day RH dropped the video, of note, light during this demonstration is much better then RH’s video.

  3. If I used a scrub pad with water it would get the scuff marks off too. Come on people. Use the same cleaning device with both products. My Grandson uses the Wow with his scrubber and it cleans it 100%.

  4. I’m not too familiar with this cover but wouldn’t all this cake up effect ball motion? Also, since you can’t clean your ball with product in league play wouldn’t this amount of dirt make the ball unusable? I’m not sure if we get the same amount of dirt/cake on a solid reactive and generally don’t see it because they are largely produced in black? Sorry for all the questions. Appreciate your videos and always recommend to my fellow league bowlers CTD products!

  5. As a student about to graduate college with a degree in marketing and economics, I would love to pursue a career with your company!

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