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25 Comments on “Cleaning vs Wiping vs Altering the Surface of a Bowling Ball”

  1. Lot of imperfect shots, but it’s honestly just as valuable because Ron’s also teaching you WHY the shot failed, surface-wise.

  2. Nothing like real world action. You could see how it came back on that first shot after “The WOW Factor” Even though he missed the shot outside, it still made the effort to come back strong.

  3. products look good, i am always changing surfaces on my ball, makes a big difference. got to give the bowler credit for being to even throwing a good shot with the people next to him and with no bevel on the fingers and thumb .

  4. You’ve gotta be kidding. Did he make one strike with all this? One, two? I clean my ball after completing my games. I think where you stand is the most important part of bowling!

    1. The Video is an explanation of the difference between cleaning and wiping vs changing the surface. The amount of shots helps to covey the message. Striking or adjusting to strike is not the focus in this video.

  5. Thanks for sharing! Great tips! I’ve been wiping my ball before and after each game. Now I will clean more often.

    1. Because there was probably a reason why. Don’t assume that they did it just because.and it’s not like this dude is playing during league play as well. So there’s that as well.

  6. Use the Quantum Bias and see some real mid lane grip. Also shows you how great this ball is at getting down lane :D.

  7. Love the videos Mr Hickland. Products are so good. So important for bowlers to know how to clean their equipment. A lot of bowlers after league or tournament play just stick their equipment in the bag without cleaning it. Thanks for the video! #CTD #bowlingknowledge

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