24 Comments on “Close Calls and Dream Runs | PBA Lubbock Open”

  1. I couldn’t imagine bowling 1.5 months after losing a spouse. My mom died in December and I didn’t touch a ball for 7 months

    1. For many people a loss is what gives them even more motivation to pursue success. I believe Jake will win this one just as Sam Cooley did this year after losing his mother.

  2. Hey Brad, when it comes to fashion remember this… it’s not about the appearance, it’s about the performance 😉👉🏾 lol

  3. I always see that guy Anthony Lavery Spahr high in the standings but don’t seem to know much about him. How many regionals does he have? Don’t seem to catch him a lot on vlogs or tv. I saw he bowls out of Plano. Really cool to see a few bowlers from there like him, Dino and Simo even tho he moved.

  4. So sad to hear about Jakes wife, really makes you want to hug all of your loved ones and let them know what they mean to you!! Virtual hug to all!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Brad effin Miller
    You have the best fashion of all the guys in the house because your pants actually fit right. Not super tight like some guys (you know who they are) and correct length to the shoe (packy get longer slacks)

  6. Just getting back into bowling after 20’years. Stumbled upon this channel. This video you looked laser focus. Really trying to throw it pure even out of your comfort zone. It was nice to see. Good luck.

  7. Dom Barrett really blocked Nick’s shot and then threw 2 clean strikes just to rub it in

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