Comparing Bowling Ball Company Coverstock Expertise | Ball Motion Storm | Brunswick | Motiv

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7 Comments on “Comparing Bowling Ball Company Coverstock Expertise | Ball Motion Storm | Brunswick | Motiv”

  1. I just threw my primal shock for the first time a few days ago. Even with the surface at 2k, i was amazed at how much it responded to friction. If i got it too far outside, it bounced hard and went brooklyn. As a dull solid, i really wasn’t expecting that. My previous dozen balls were SPI.

  2. I been using SPI only for couple years now, decided to try anothers company so I got the loved Black Widow in the 2.0 hybrid. Good 2-3 ball for me (speed dom) but my biggest complaint aganst Bruns is they don’t have any type of cover strength chart. My best guess of HK22 was @ R2X level stength. Seems you have it alil cleaner like a R2S. Even though I like the widow I’m prolly gonna stay SPI because atleast I can have a better sense of where their covers strengths are compared to what eles is in my bag.

  3. Thank you for the info but I think a more valuable graph would have each current coverstock formulation ranked on that scale for all of the manufactures

  4. I wonder how much of this was affected by changes in the oils themselves, the weight hole rule, and the oil absorption rule.

  5. I was surprised that more consideration was not given to the elimination of the weight hole as a driving factor for the change in focus.

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