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32 Comments on “Coronavirus Shutting Down the PBA | PBA 2020 WSOB”

    1. Neooooo we got 2 weeks as well but we have assignments and reading and homework to do for all of our classes every day

  1. they shut down high school states for new york which I qualified for this weekend…possibly getting rescheduled but it sucks and I feel your pain

    1. My Florida senior trip was cancelled, Pepsi is cancelled/delayed, feels like everything is just being shut down man.

    2. @Travis s dang that really bites they haven’t fully cancelled ours yet they’re trying to postpone it

  2. Been watching your videos for about 2 weeks and am so much more excited to watch on Sundays now. Great way to get to know you guys aside from what you do in those telecasts. In favor of a reality show on TV for you guys!

  3. Thank you guys for these vlogs, I love bowling and watching the in depth of the PBA and seeing how everyone is so down to earth except Sean Rash.

  4. National emergency is about to be declared… I’ll tell you what, if airbnb doesn’t refund the other half of your deposit, I’d explore every legal option. That’s not only bad business, it’s total bullshit!

    1. @OkayNiceOne All you say is true from a business standpoint. From a “We’re all Americans and need to stick together to get through this crisis” standpoint, the hosts should give a full refund to those the customers who had no idea this would happen. Do they legally HAVE to give a refund? Maybe and maybe not. Should they in this time of emergency? Yes.

    2. @SirGhostly All you did was say the same thing I did. I literally explained their “extenuating circumstances” policy in my own post, and how it would not apply to them.

    3. This applies to all US bookings within the specified date range, so it does apply to them. The US (all 50 states) is listed as a covered area under the policy. Ask on the airBnB subreddit if you want confirmation from hosts that are having their bookings cancelled and 100% refunded.


  5. Air BNB changed their cancellation policy due to the virus. If you haven’t already, might want to see about getting the rest of your money back.

    1. Good call. I just cancelled and got a full refund. Also some of the cancellation policy is from the homeowner

  6. I like how in their montage of everyone throwing strikes, they included clips of Darren washing out and leaving a 1-2-8(I think) and then a stone 10 hahaha

  7. I switched over to this account so he could see the comments. I wanted to ask what kind of camera and computer do you guys use for recording and editing.

  8. Any chance you guys can get a stabilizer? I love your videos but the motion of your shaky videos gives me migraine fits.

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