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  1. Great tips, as always. I don’t have really strong legs, but my dad is always telling me “use your legs, not your back.” Some shots I feel like I’m balanced at the line and my trail leg is down, other times I bend from my back (unintentionally) and I pull the shot. Slow work in progress.

  2. This video helps a lot on insight on that because I struggle with ball speed and don’t really push of a whole lot when I get to the power step

  3. Thank you for the great tutorial videos, as usual!

    This helped me correct a misconception with the approach. Many intermediate players have the leaky trail leg. 4:10
    I always thought that was a good thing to have because of how commonly I saw it. I’m glad this video was able to correct that misconception.

    I generally tend to keep my leg straighter than your average intermediate bowler and always thought that was a leak in my game. I’m glad to hear it’s quite the opposite and I hope to keep improving on it to generate more power and hook. Thanks again guys!

  4. Good to know about the power slide. Gives me something to work on. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work.

  5. Idk if it’s luck or what but I stumbled into this exact issue in my practice this past week, and I’ve been struggling conquering it on my own. Thanks for posting this, and especially rn. I’m gonna have to try working these tips in my next practice. I have a feeling it’s gonna have a secondary effect of helping me get through my release slot better, too. Cheers!

  6. Some great tips that I need to work on for sure. I’ve never been able to slide much and my balance is usually not great. But it all kinda makes sense now of why I don’t because I’ve always just kinda planted and never really pushed off with the power step. Good stuff to work on for sure.

  7. Brad has always been great but recently his ability to teach and communicate is phenomenal. Kyle too, you both seem to have really stepped into the role of coach seamlessly. You have always been about education in my eyes and im so happy to see how much you have both improved your ability to teach and really helpfully communicate these confusing ideas so well. “Stay up the back” but “get around it” etc. Without feeling it for yourself its so hard to explain good bowling technique and be able to apply it in practice without a coach present.

    1. My second time practicing these tips after a week and a half off from league. I just went to practice and averaged 202 over 5 games. Throwing one strike ball on one lane and my only other ball on the other lane. What I learned and applied from your video of Kyle teaching an amateur was so helpful. I understand forward ball roll now and breaking the wrist and setting the ball down. That one video literally improved my average 45 pins. Please keep making great education videos. Long time fan and you are only improving.

  8. Super helpful. Love you guys. The vid with Kyle and the amateur has been so helpful. Love vids like this.

  9. I’m in a wheelchair. So, I do not have a choice but to generate power with my arms. The key for me is to stay smooth with my armswing right up to the time my thumb starts to come out of the ball. This is where I try to hit the ball hard with my follow thru so that I can gain that couple extra revs and maybe half a mph ball speed.

    There are times, though, when it is best to have a smoother release and not hit up on the ball at the release.

    However, with that said, I can definitely tell when I try to generate power too soon on my down swing. My ball speed actually slows down. My thumb does not release from the ball correctly. And 9 times out of 10, I will miss my mark left by 3 to 5 boards.

  10. This was a great video. I’m currently going to the gym and working on leg strength. This explains the power step perfectly and it’s something that I wanna start working on. Thank you ❤️

  11. I have been doing this, but my left knee is just killing me after the second night of bowling. This is key advice here!

  12. Love the content and had an additional question: Given the heat and humidity on this side of the country, it’s common for some approaches to be “Stickier” than others (I,e, after it rains). Are there any tips or recommendations for sustaining power through one’s legs while bowling on approaches where sliding is difficult?

  13. Truly appreciate these videos. It gives me a direction on what needs to be worked on when I have the opportunity to practice.

  14. I definitely appreciate all these videos because half of them I didn’t even realize I was doing wrong til I seen them and they have helped me out tremendously. I’m 29 and got my first 600 series in league in April and I’ve been practicing a lot and I’m seeing myself slowly starting to get a lot better, especially with usually only able to practice one day a week before league because of work. I definitely appreciate the videos so much and I hope after my vacation this month I hope I’ll be able to join the membership not too long after!

  15. Thank you so much, im 16 and I’ve just started to average 602 series and have been following all your tips and coaching for a bit now and has helped so much

  16. This is so helpful. Every point in the video made me feel like the entire video is made for me

  17. Love your videos. I practiced this in the week and then tried it out in league last night and got my best ever series score: 214, 236, 185. Was gutted I choked on the third game as I’ve never gotten three 200+ games in league, but this has definitely helped me take a step (pun intended) in the right direction. Thanks guys!

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