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Here are our picks for the best bowling balls of 2019. We use the 4 types of ball motion to catagorize these balls. You can find out the ball motion of your bowling ball here. - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

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33 Comments on “Creating The Difference | The Best Bowling Balls of 2019”

  1. 2:20 the Ebonite V2 is one of the top 10 balls of all time. Saw a guy use that when I bowled in college and every pocket hit was a strike. That ball was built by God.

  2. CTD rocks ! I have enjoyed being a customer this year, hoping to ramp things up even more this year. Ron Hickland , you are the man !

  3. Ive got an Ebonite Futura, and a Columbia 300 The Beast, what do you think would be a good 3rd addition? Im having difficulty moving left once patterns breakdown ( right handed, 15mph 300rpm)

  4. Just got the V2. Holy cow does that thing rock the pins. I work for a pro shop so I can get stuff for cheap so I am kinda stuck in a dilemma on taking a misdrilled MVP Pearl or a fresh P3. I threw the phaze 3 at a demo and fell in love. Maybe I’ll get all 3 who knows. My parents will kill me tho

  5. HNY Ron!!! What do you think about the Turmoil 2 solid/ pearl and which category do they fall under?

  6. Ebonite Impact is an under rated ball. I’m speed dominate and that ball makes the turn for me. Also, I love the Marvel pearl, to me that ball hooks like a hybrid but totally clean thru the heads, surprising back end.

  7. I think for me Roto grip idol pro is up there.Haven’t had a honor score with it yet but love the way it shapes.

  8. Ron, where would the Pitch Black line up in the motion chart? Traction, right?
    I feel it should be mentioned just because it is used so much, and has a special kind of motion on the lane. Maybe the best control ball for two-handers out there (my opinion).
    A happy new year and keep up the great work!

  9. Love all of the education Ive gained from all of your videos. Ron, my wife and I are just casual weekend bowlers and well, my in laws just sent her a bowling ball for Christmas. They got it because she thought it.. ” looked cool ” haha. She rolls a straight ball. However the ball that they bought her is a Motive Venom shock pearl. Before we have it drilled. I just wanted to ask if she will be able to even use this as she rolls straight and not a hook. I hope you can help with this answer. Thanks so much. Lee

    1. Yes she will be able to use the ball. The pro shop should be able to drill it just fine. Congrats on her getting a ball. I hope one day we can meet on the lanes.

  10. Hi Ron, thank you for this and all your excellent educational videos. I’m a regular customer of your products.
    I’ve noticed there’s hardly any asymmetrical bowling balls on the list. I’m a speed dominent player so I benefits from asymmetrical pieces more. Could you recommend few of them as well?

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