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Let's talk about the Crux Prime. The new release from Storm Bowling Products.




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26 Comments on “CRUX PRIME – What is it Exactly?”

  1. I love the way you review a bowling ball. Any pro can make a ball look good going down the lane on a shot that we dont know what it is. Honest opinion of a ball is what bowlers need. Thank you for this refreshing review. I greatly appricate that you take the time to watch a bowler before drilling. Great job!

  2. I learned something new about brad. Our views are identical. I know very little about cores and covers but i know what i wanna see in ball motion

  3. I always thought depending on how it was drilled you had to have a weight hole drilled on the side to make it legal I like the ball donโ€™t have one yet. The last Storm Bowling Balls I owned was The X-Factor The Triple XXX Factor and The Storm Vertigo

  4. When it comes to hook, one of the best pieces of advice Iโ€™ve heard was attributed to Chris Barnes, who told a friend โ€œthink more north-south rather than east -west.โ€

    1. Excuse my ignorance but I donโ€™t understand what that means. How would the balk ever hook from north to south?

    2. @Jacob Chris Barnes is discussing where, when, and how quickly a ball will make its hook motion, as opposed to how far it moves left/right. Rather than think about what board your breakpoint is on, think about how far down the lane your breakpoint is.

  5. Outstanding review on the Crux also on the other balls that that you thew I like how you explain the different layout patterns I appreciate your hard work and your knowledge thank you

  6. Out of curiosity how much natural talent do you guys feel you had for the sport compared to training and being coached into the level of skill you have today?

  7. THANK YOU BRAD! Finally, someone said what I’ve been saying for years. Ball review videos don’t prove anything to me. They don’t have their equipment drilled like mine, throw the same speed, have the same revs, etc. Therefore, anyone watching a ball review video to see if they like a ball or not, still won’t know anything unless they drill one up and throw it. As someone stated in an earlier post, “I want to see the shape of the ball”. Well, if you don’t have it set up like what’s in the video, and throw the same speed/revs, you’ll still have no idea. I could throw it straight, then go gutter to gutter with it, but they still won’t know. LOL

    I love it when someone asks me what line I’m playing. I simply tell them, “It doesn’t matter.” When they give me that puzzled look, I go into detail as to why it doesn’t matter. “Are you throwing the same ball as I am? Drilled the same? Same speed? Same revs? No, no, no, and….. no. So, it doesn’t matter. Anywho, sucks that you have to “work”. You guys keep rolling it well. All of us at home want to see some more TV time. Seeing in you in league is “ho hum, it’s just Brad, one of the guys.” LOL I’ll see you soon.

  8. This is my first time watching your reviews and I really like how your straight to the point and don’t B.S around!! Also it’s nice to get away from those reviews showing strike after strike (boring) oh yea after strike lol… I’m currently loving my physics and my intense fire down to my POW. Honestly How much better or how much would this prime actually benefit me? I’m definitely going to be getting the Fever Pitch asap.. Thank you for taking your time to review these bowling balls!!

  9. I really like storms new bowling balls I have a 2011 Hyroad that I love it brought my average up from 172 up to 192 I would love to get a new ball

  10. Hey, Brad. Thanks for an informative breakdown! Am I right that the Sure Lock used to be the most aggressive ball in your arsenal? Has the Crux Prime replaced that slot for you this year? And if so, how would you compare/contrast the two?

  11. Got a crux prime and a sure lock on the same day, i used them both alternating frames on my first game with either and bowled a 242. my highest game ever.

  12. Have 2 alphas one pin up and one pin down . Absolutley love them. Another favorite is the IQ line

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