26 Comments on “Dallas Strikers vs Portland Lumberjacks | PBA League Finals 2022”

  1. already watched this love norm Duke and I love how they let him bowl the last shot for the other team man great sportsmanship there was

    1. And that was the 1 shot he flushed over both days…. 40 years on tour and you could tell he was very nervous yet.

    2. @nukiepoo I’m sure he’d have preferred the win, but yes I’m sure he will (fondly) remember that shot the rest of his life.

  2. Thanks for different view of the event. Watched the YT replay of the finals – what an exciting match with a stunning ending! Got to visit Bayside next time in Maine.

  3. Congratulations Portland Lumberjacks on the win, thank you Norm Duke it was awesome seeing you bowl in person for the first time (and I assume the last time on the PBA tour), and thank you Brad for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me every now and then. This was the most fun experience ever! I hope Kyle is doing ok and y’all got back home safe. Already looking forward to coming back next year! It was unforgettable!

  4. Thank you norm for giving so many young bowlers so many memories and there are so many that will always look up to you! Brad awesome year man and that title is coming for sure!! Kyle get better my guy and I hope see you guys soon man!!

  5. I once walked up to Duke in between games at the US Open. I’m sure he was expecting a request for an autograph. Instead I handed him a gift and said here you go Mr. Duke. He handed me the ball he was just using and said here you go, this is for you. Then he went on to win the US Open. I gotta tell ya his ball drilling is wild. My favorite bowler hands down. Duke forever!

    1. @T.H.C. Rex it was a martial art yoga dvd called kungyo. Helped me heal many injuries. I said take this and it’ll lengthen your career. Norm may have never done it. Definitely didn’t need any fitness tips from me lol.

    2. @tackywacky99 zero bevel and tons of cork. Pin up on a t-road solid. I’ll ask my driller to give me the other numbers if you want

  6. Dennis thanks for the cameo love on the bowling pin signing & Randy 8 Pin sign! Big thanks to Kris Prather too on the Dark Code! The whole house crew & all the bowlers/staff were AWESOME! See ya’ll next year at Bayside!

  7. It was amazing being there and watching everything live for the first time. Thank you Brad and Dennis for taking the time out to talk and make a great experience even more special!

  8. I love this video so much ! Beginning to end. The very beginning to see you and norm walking together not in the alley, just as friends is super cool! Just to see anything behind the scenes when you love everyone is super cool. The different perspective you guys show in every video is spectacular! For someone who wants to be there as a spectator but can’t you guys almost put me there ! Thank you

  9. That was the craziest bowling event I’ve ever seen. So much energy on each shot, it was so electric.

  10. Crazy ending……have to say though that Dallas should have won……they had this thing in the bag and let it slip away.

  11. Thank you for this video, loved it. This last match had my family and I in the edge of our seats. Wow!! The Duke is a star and one of the best pro bowlers ever, will be missed. You all PBA League members are great and we will keep watching. Hope Kyle is feeling much better. Good luck!!!

  12. Norm has been a fixture of my love of bowling since I was a kid. I am sad he is retiring, but it was well earned and the way everyone reacted says volumes about the man. I absolutely love the fact that he got to throw the last shot and on top of that it was a strike. No better way to go out, really! Thank you, Norm!

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