24 Comments on “Devastating End To The PBA Doubles..”

  1. Iโ€™m sure you arenโ€™t hung up on it but the breaks especially on the left lane went a long way in your defeat. Great bowling. Good luck in the wsob

  2. Great bowling. So amazing to watch you both performing so well. Keep the momentum going for the next ones.

  3. Congratulations guys! Even if you didnโ€™t win I think your form is superbโ€ฆ.you guys maintain great body strength and movement and balance

  4. That taste for the show is getting stronger, excellent tournament men.
    The vlog has made a leap also.

  5. You guys gave it one really good run. I wanna thank Brad and u for the video with the pinky toe form I tried it last night and it definitely helped me out. Rolled a 636 series which is the highest I’ve had in a long long time

  6. Kyle, I’m pissed too. Can’t wait to keep seeing the two of you in the same bowling circle with the legends and beating their butts. Great run. Keep it up.

  7. Dang, so close! You guys are on the verge of doing something really amazing! Keep it up; I feel like I can speak for a lot of people and say that we’re having a good time following along.

  8. Man, so close, love watching you guys. I have a feeling this WSOB is going to be a breakout for both of you.

  9. The confidence that you two are showing right now, with both your hand position/release, and your ability to get the ball to the break point at whatever ball speed necessary, IS HUGE! The confidence is overflowing on every shot.

  10. You guys are on track to have a fantastic year, the work you put in during the off season shows.

  11. You guys are bowling great! Stay the course and keep having fun. Enjoy the content you guys provide. You both are inspirations. Keep fighting and keep your eye on the prize.

  12. You guys fought hard and placed in 6th. Keep up to good work and everyone bowled very well. Love your videos

  13. When you that close to making the show that’s a good start to the WSOB. Great bowling to both of you

  14. Good Lord, that spinaroonie 8 pin when they were bowling Chapman was insane. Great start to the week for you both, and I hope you keep it going into the WSoB.

    1. That was the 5 pin that took the 8 pins place after hitting it so equally that the mass hardly moved afterward. 5 pin…

    2. @BornIn1500 Brad had a similar 5 pin at 2:25 but it didn’t quite make it to the 8 spot.

  15. Digging the content. As hard as you guys work, good things WILL come. Love how D-Tang looks mad at getting a strike ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. You guys did great. Toward the end it comes down to a pretty fine line & you’re right there. Always remember it can come your way at anytime, just be ready.

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