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35 Comments on “Different Types of Interchangeable Inserts. Let’s talk about it.”

  1. ron, do you know about what issues any or all have over time. i use the Turbo, and after several months the insert loosing up and it will fall out. i have also lost a few and now have an extra 2 spares just in case im at a tournament or in league an the insert comes out in the back of the pit. Some times they cannot find them when they go back to look. Working with my pro shop, i now use tape with my insert to make sure i have a snug fit. any suggestion, do you think any are better than the other? mark

    1. I have used for the longest time the turbo switch grips. I also had the same problem of the thumb loosening over time and falling out and getting lost. To ‘fix’ this you take a piece of black thumb tape and place it in the ball. You will need to experiment with the tape up or down in the ball (because that came make a difference). To fix this issue altogether, I switched over to vise using their conversion system to convert from turbo to vise and have not had any problems since! Hope this helps.

    2. @Hi I’m Patrik thanks for the information, i have 12 balls that i will need to change, what is the typical cost? sounds expensive!!!! you mention a conversion kit, would i purchase and are is this something the proshop would have? thanks

    3. I think the key is proper installation. I have seen all of them work great or mess up and the main issue comes down to either the drill bit or improper installation.

  2. I have used the Vise for several years now, I have not had a failure yet or lost one. Make sure you do your research on how they are installed per the manufacturer and make sure the pro-shop follows the directions. I know locally another pro-shop was doing short cuts and I would hear horror stories from those that used the pro-shop, of them breaking or coming out.

    1. videll7kelly they would, but in theory you only need to replace 1 set. I’ve never seen anyone use them though… they seem useless for regular use.

  3. So I just bought a used bowling ball with a interchangeable thumb hole I use slugs how much will it cost to switch it to that

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr ok good I was worried it was stuck like that never seen that before I saw this video

  4. Another great video. I have a request & it maybe hard 2 do but I would like u 2 show how u see ball reaction. U were reviewing 2 motiv balls the other day and you said 1 was much smoother than the other

    1. Ronald Hickland Jr I’m just getting started and my used ball is drilled already for a Vise It thumb change. So you buy the slug and drill out the slug?

    2. @Hunter A. you can plug it and redrill it or have the shop drill a IT for your thumb and use it

  5. Question, I see in your demo that the IT has the outer sleeve glued to the inner sleeve, is that something you recommend and what the purpose?

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