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30 Comments on “Do This Every Time You Are Done Bowling. Your Bowling Ball Will Last Longer.”

  1. Love the scuff mark remover. I have to use it a lot. my IQ emerald picks up scuffs like crazy.
    The ball is sooo tacky when I clean it with Hook Monster.
    Big fan of your products, and videos.

    1. purple stuff just a less powerful version of wow factor. purple stuff was made to be used during play and wow factor is before/after use (granted we can’t use it anymore during play). This is my understanding of it.

  2. Hey Ron when I’m cleaning my ball with so fresh so clean should I wait between 20 and 30 seconds to let the Taca fires get in the ball before wiping it

  3. I want to make it clear before I ask, I have in the recent past purchased CTD products ( if I recall correctly it was called the Everything Kit) so I having nothing against CTD it’s just a question and hopefully it’s answered. Is that purple stuff just Fabuloso/Alcohol/water mixed? And are the majority of the CTD cleaning products Fabuloso mixed with other products? If Not may CTD please start listing what chemicals are in these products as we purchase them. None of what I purchased tells me anything. I don’t know what I may be breathing in, touching, etc. I want to support and use these products as I have found them good for their purpose but I also don’t know what’s in these products and think they should be listed like every other product. Thank you.

    1. I would agree, been using and liking the products a lot. However, given that they’re being sold to the public (either directly or via pro shops), standard MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) should be available. Ron, are MSDS available for your products? Thanks in advance…

    2. @Jeff Aldrich Lol You are completely wrong, have no clue what you are talking about, and that makes you look ignorant. I would encourage you to request a SDS sheet so you can be informed. If you are not a chemist and need help. I will be happy to help you understand what it says. help@ctdbowling.com is how you can get a copy of any of our products. Common sense would tell you that if what you said was true, we would have went out of business years ago LOL . You won’t be able to troll on my channel moving forward. 🙂 thanks for watching

  4. Just ordered my first kit and I’m excited.. no wonder I’ve been buying bowling balls like crazy! I’ve never done these kinds of maintenance things and no one’s ever told me either! Learning a ton from you and your channel! Keep up the good work!

  5. Hello Mr. Hickland! I am the son of David Milligan, i was wondering if you remember him from when you worked at Ebonite? Keep the good videos coming!

  6. I’m getting ready to run a spa treatment on one of my older bowling balls with hot water and dish soap. I just noticed I have a lot of these scuff marks as well. Should I consider doing this before or after the spa treatment? Or do I need to worry about doing this at all if I’m doing the spa treatment? My pro shop guy usually throws them on the spinner afterwards anyways to finish them off. Is this just something I should do in between ball cleanings?

    1. Your ball should be clean before you treat it. Also leave the dish soap for your dishes. You don’t want your bowling ball to absorb that.

    1. Yeah this was my mistake/misunderstanding. Ron is right that the cover does absorb oil, it does it at quite a bit slower rate than traditional resin, but I’m going to go back and amend some things. The cover IS more resistant to performance loss, but I’d definitely agree here that keeping your equipment clean is important. I’ve said several times that I haven’t done anything more than wipe the Prime off with a towel and hit it with a pad on occasion to scuff it back up, BUT I’ve done this intentionally to put it through its paces and see just how much abuse it can take before the performance starts to suffer, and so far is HAS held up better than traditional resin. More durable or not, not maintaining something isn’t advisable.

      So yes, cover does absorb oil, definitely do your ball cleaning and maintenance, Ron is absolutely right, BUT I’ll maintain that this cover IS a big step in the right direction towards combating performance loss. I just got fixated on the oil absorption part and got my facts wrong. That will be corrected

    2. And I didn’t read his response as petty or defensive, just a definitive reply to inaccurate information, I’d have probably said the same the same way . .

    3. @Luke Rosdahl I appreciate people make mistakes but that’s the type of thing that spreads mis-information. I didn’t know what the spec coverstock did until watching your video about the Pro Motion. I have since done research about it and found out about it now. But I come to your channel for non-bias opinions and facts about the products from the company/brand you’re affiliated with. I suppose the lesson from this is don’t listen to what people say and make your own opinion up? aha

    4. @LIQUIDMETAL Lol the bowling world doesn’t need mistakes to spread misinformation but it certainly doesn’t help. . the funny thing is that I had it right on my Prime video, I just said the oil absorption rate was slower than traditional resin, which it is. No idea how I got to “it doesn’t absorb oil at all” on the Pro Motion video. I went back to amend the Pro Motion video, and then I went to do the same with the Crux Prime and noticed I said different things in the videos. I think the actual lesson here is that I’m a dumbass who needs to pay more attention to what I’m doing . .

  7. Hey I just have a concern with the products! First and foremost it does a fantastic job! But my problem is I used it and it made my lungs burn and my head feel light! I just have a concern about what is being breathed in! Please don’t be rude or anything I just have concerns!

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