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4 Comments on “Do You Need More Hook NOW? AMP’D is Made For Bowling Balls. More Backend Performance.”

  1. I dont know how to feel about all these products coming out anymore to keep treating bowling balls for surface and hook. I’m starting to think that ball companies should just not put a grit finish on a ball anymore and just allow players to place whatever they want now with how things are shaping up in this sport. Never had these things 15+ years ago

    1. Are you under the impression that top bowlers didn’t adjust the surface of urethane or even rubber?

    2. @William Freitas no. I’ve become more concerned with the direction that the game is going. Working surface and performance consistently anymore seems more like a chore than a maintenance at this point. For me when we did anything to the surface, it was to bring a dead ball back to life. And when I mean a dead ball I mean a ball that has been thrown for YEARS. Not just a few games. Seems like the quality of the reaction is more set to the player now and not the type of ball bought

    3. @JP Gunny unfortunately like many things made these days reactive balls aren’t designed to maintain their performance for a season never mind through years of use.

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